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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

10.06.2021 | The Delegation of CIS Election Observation Mission at the RA General Prosecutor’s Office

Today the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan had a meeting with the delegation of the Commonwealth of Independent States Election Observation Mission, which is in Armenia to observe the procedure of preparation and the process of the early parliamentary elections on June 20.  


Issues related to the ways of cooperation between the Observation Mission and the RA Prosecutor's Office as well as the current outcomes of the coordinated fight against electoral criminal offences by the RA law enforcement bodies, the initiatives of the RA Prosecutor's Office in this direction were discussed during the meeting.


The RA Prosecutor General attached great importance to the involvement and participation of the Observation Missions, in particular CIS Observation Mission in the early elections to increase the level of supervision over the election process. He added that the Prosecutor's Office is ready to ensure the legitimacy of the forthcoming elections in compliance with the standards of democracy and protection of the right of our citizens regarding free expression of will. He also represented the outcomes of the verification measures and other measures undertaken in the scope of criminal proceedings related with the received reports and alarms on criminal electoral offences up to that moment.


Artur Davtyan suggested the monitoring group to pass information and data on any substantial criminal offense to the Prosecutor's Office and assured that the working group established at the General Prosecutor’s Office ensures due verification of all the reports uninterruptedly.


Yevgeni Kozyak, Head of Staff of the CIS Election Observation Mission, noted that their activities will cover the entire territory of the republic and most of the observers will arrive in Armenia in the near future. He stated that the Observation Mission is interested in cooperation with the RA Prosecutor's Office by means of exchanging information.


In this regard, agreements were reached to continue the cooperation routinely.