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04.05.2021 | Corruption abuses at Spitak in 2015-2020, criminal cases have been initiated

The RA Prosecutor General’s Office received the documents regarding financial and economic activity of Spitak of Lori Region during 2015-2020 by State Supervision Service of the Republic of Armenia. On the ground of these documents the Department of State Interests Protection of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office has found that during 2015-2020, 80 unauthorized buildings were legalized.  


According to Article 154, Part 1 of the RA Code of Administrative Offences unauthorized construction by people entitled to own or use land for unauthorized buildings and structures on that land site, with the exception of a private dwelling built on a household plot of land in a rural community, fines are envisaged in the amount to 200 minimal salaries for unauthorized construction by people who do not have the right to use land and buildings on lands with the right of ownership belonging to the state or to communities are fined with the amount of 400.


In fact, the responsible people of the community administration have not applied punishment and have not charged at least 18.8 million AMD regarding these 80 cases.


In addition, it turned out that during the bidding of 09.04.2015 4 participants, 2 of them took part according to the handwritten protocol signed by the auction organizer, 2 out of 4 registered participants took part in the auction, while according to the Information System of e-government (SECT), one of them was absent from the territory of the Republic of Armenia in that period, he could not attend the auction himself/herself and do it step. According to the protocol, the bidder was offered the maximum price of 0.1 hectare of residential land for public construction.


In fact, the responsible officials of the municipality made a false protocol regarding the participation of the people in the auction of the community-owned land plot, alienating the mentioned land plot.


In addition, during 2015-2020 the Municipality of Spitak signed contracts with "Narine" LLC to provide of sanitary cleaning and related services in Spitak town at a total cost of 92.3 million AMD.


The service which included daily hand and machinery work and the service exceeded for over 13600 sq. m. territory than it was foreseen, the real territory and the  amounted 15,5 million AMD during 2015-2020.


In addition it turned out that in the executive acts submitted by "N ..." LLC and adopted by the community administration, the areas of the cleaned territory were added in the amount of 5896 sq. m., and in the result the community administration paid about 1.5 million AMD more to the company.


There is also information that Spitak community administration has concluded 8 contracts with several companies in 2015-2020 for various works, in particular, renovation of street lighting systems, renovation of the city park monument, recovery of the dressing room for the stage, paving of some streets, provision of lighting systems, construction of a rainwater canal, paving of pavements, repairing services of the school buildings with different values.


According to the documents, the work was accepted and the companies were paid for their work without completing them as envisaged by the contract.


So the responsible people of the community administration has entered false information, in the result over 11 million AMD particularly large amount of money was embezzled.


A criminal case initiated at the Department of State Interests Protection of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office under Article 308, Part 2, Article 314, Part 1, Article 179, Part 2, Point 1 and 3, Article 179, Part 3, Point 1 of the RA Criminal Code.  


The criminal case was sent to the RA Investigative Committee for preliminary investigation.    


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.