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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

07.04.2021 | Measures are undertaken at Lori Region to prevent juvenile crime

According to the study conducted by the Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region it was found out that, 34 crimes committed by 38 juveniles were recorded in the region during 2020, compared with 16 crimes committed by 15 juveniles during 2019. In some cases they were taken under parental control, in some cases signed an undertaking not to leave his place of residence was chosen as a preventive means against juveniles who have committed a criminal offense in criminal cases under the supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of the Region regarding the fact that the perpetrator has reached adulthood in the course of the investigation.


Relevant analyzes have shown that the increasing number of the crimes committed by the juvenile more than two times is largely due to the incomplete, non-consistent work of relevant officials of state bodies with specific functions in this area.


In particular, the cases show that sufficient work has not been done in order to identify juveniles having such criminal tendencies, to register them in a due time, and take preventive measures against them.


Besides, protection of the rights of children living in the region in difficult living situations has not been properly provided in the region, and no effective (restorative) alternative justice programs have been implemented for juvenile.


Studies have shown that the level of cooperation between different state and local bodies in the prevention of juvenile crime is not high.


In order to discuss and solve a number of other issues related to juvenile crime, motions were sent to RA Police Department of Lori Region and Lori Marzpetaran by the Prosecutor's Office of the region.


On the basis of the motions, meetings were organized in the RA Police Department of Lori Region and Lori Marzpetaran, in which the Deputy Prosecutor of Lori Region, the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office, participated.


During the discussions, it was noted that young people, especially juvenile, still have a bad habit of keeping knives with them, which increases the possibility of serious consequences in the result of disputes even for minor reasons. In addition, knives or other cutting and stabbing objects, which are usually sold in shops selling household goods and in other points along the streets.


The Prosecutor's Office noted that the work with juveniles requires a comprehensive approach, thus, based on the specifications of juvenile crime, the requirements of the legislation in this area, active measures should be undertaken making the connection between Police, local authorities educational institutions action more visible.


It was decided during the discussions to increase the level of cooperation between the staff of different competent bodies, discuss each crime committed by juvenile separately, reveal the conditions and causes, take effective measures to reduce juvenile crime.


The Prosecutor's Office of the Region will be consistent in implementing foreseen measures.