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01.04.2021 | The RA Military Prosecutor visited the Central Assembly Point of the RA Ministry of Defense

The RA Military Prosecutor, RA Deputy Prosecutor General Vahe Harutyunyan, accompanied by the Head of Conscription and Mobilization Service оf the RA MD, Armen Avtandilyan, visited the central assembly point of the RA Ministry of Defense, where he followed the organization of conscription, carried out by drawing lots, their compliance with the established conditions and order.


At the central assembly point, the military prosecutor talked with the conscripts, listened to their opinions and suggestions. Vahe Harutyunyan noted the importance of the circumstance that the conscripts did not point out problems with the objectivity of the drawing of lots, did not express dissatisfaction, which also testifies the proper and sufficient public trust to this process within the framework of the first conscription in the post-war period, by assuring that the conscription is in the center of attention of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office.


Vahe Harutyunyan was also present at the medical examinations carried out at the assembly point, during which he talked both with various doctors and with the conscripts being examined, and got acquainted with their health problems. The military prosecutor was reported that some conscripts from the central assembly point of the RA Ministry of Defense were sent for a second examination, in connection with which an instruction was given to send the personal files of these conscripts to the RA Military Prosecutor's Office for studying them more thoroughly.


Based on the proposals, complaints and discontent presented to him, the RA Military Prosecutor gave specific instructions to the Head of the Conscription and Mobilization Service of the RA Ministry of Defense, aimed at improving the conscription process and organizational issues.


At the end of the visit, V. Harutyunyan wished a good service to the young people joining the RA Armed Forces, highly appreciated their dedication to their civic duty to defend the Motherland.


The Military Prosecutor assured that the state and the RA Military Prosecutor's Office during the entire period of their service will do everything possible to ensure their legal protection and provide them with all kinds of assistance.