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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

19.03.2021 | In the Prosecutor's Office of Syunik region were discussed issues related to the collection and storage of weapons provided to volunteers and the fight against crime in the region

The Prosecutor's Office of Syunik region held an operational meeting on improving the efficiency of the fight against burglaries in the region, crimes against minors, as well as measures for collecting, registering and further storing weapons provided to residents of the region to protect them from the aggression unleashed by the Republic of Azerbaijan from 27.09. 2020 until 09.11.2020.


In the meeting, held by the Prosecutor's Office of the region also took part the Head of the Department of Syunik region of the RA police, heads of the communities of Goris, Kapan, Tatev and Meghri.


The task was set to outline risky settlements, take measures to install locks on the entrance doors of multi-storey buildings, which may be important for the prevention and detection of other crimes.


It was noted that a total of 89 cameras were installed in multi-storey buildings, at intersections, squares, entertainment centers and other places located in risky areas.


As part of the prevention of crimes committed by minors, instructions with a view to intensify appropriate preventive works with minors, often visit schools and other institutions, and hold educational meetings with minors were given to the RA Police of Syunik region. The importance of organizing cultural, sport events in communities with the participation of minors was emphasized.


As an important prerequisite for neutralizing possible dangers threatening public order, the subject of detailed discussion was the collection and storage of weapons given to the region's volunteers with a view to organize the protection of the region's settlements during the war. The instruction for the consistent implementation of such process was given by the RA Prosecutor General in February 2021 while summing up the results of the annual activity of the Prosecutor's Office of the Syunik region.


During the meeting, the Prosecutor's Office of the region emphasized the issue of accelerating the process of collection and registration of weapons provided to volunteers, strict regulation of the circulation of weapons and ammunition. In this regard, the task was set to cooperate with the subdivisions of the RA Armed Forces located in the region.


An agreement was reached on organizing regular meetings to discuss the results of the process, systematically resolve emerging issues and intensify cooperation in this field.