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15.02.2021 | The outcomes of the Prosecutor’s Office of Yerevan City and administrative districts, fight against crime have been summarized

RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan held a meeting in the Prosecutor's Office Yerevan City to summarize the state of crime in the capital during 2020, the effectiveness of the fight against it, the actions and supervision of the Prosecutors’ Offices of Yerevan City and  Administrative Districts.


The heads of the subdivison of Police and Investigative bodies, Yerevan city subdivisions, prosecutors of administrative district, the Prosecutor of Yerevan city Sevak Hovhannisyan taking part in the meeting presented the actions undertaken in the above-mentioned directions, the problems identified as a result and the solutions.


Sevak Hovhannisyan underlined that during 2020, the number of crime cases in the capital decreased by 1069 or 7.1% (13892 cases instead of 14961 in 2019). The detection rate was 50.4%.


The positive dynamics is obvious because in 2020 the number of serious crimes in the capital decreased by 14%, particularly serious crimes decreased by 7.8%. So, detection efficiency increased by about 5 percent.


11 murders were recorded instead of 17 of last year, put of which 78.3% were disclosed.  Instead, the number of attempted murders has increased by 10.


The number of cases of intentional damage to health decreased by 18․1%, recording a certain increase in detection numbers.


During 2020 burglary cases significantly decreased by 31.3% in the capital, while the detection numbers of crimes of such nature increased by 9 percent. It is partly due to the fact that residents stayed at home during the state of emergency in the country.


The analysis shows that since 2019, the efforts initiated by the RA Prosecutor's Office and the consistent work have given a positive outcomes. In particular, in the mentioned period, the provision of the apartment buildings with coded doors increased by about 30%, significantly decreasing burglary cases and increasing detection cases.


The RA Prosecutor General, assessing positively the effectiveness of the fight against this type of crime, instructed to continue the above-mentioned preventive measures undertaken by the RA Prosecutor's Office together with Police and self governing bodies.


During 2020, the number of cases causing damage to the health of persons due to traffic violations decreasew by 23%, the number of fatal traffic violations decreased by 18%. According to the Prosecutor of Yerevan City, the study shows that comprehensive preventive measures in this area had positive outcomes.


In 2020, 56 criminal cases on corruption crimes were initiated and prosecuted. In 2019-2020, there is a noticeable improvement in the detection number of crimes of this nature.


In this sense, it is worth mentioning that in 2020 the Yerevan Prosecutor's Office issued 125 instructions regarding the criminal cases under investigation in the investigative bodies of the Yerevan, 73 orders to take operative-investigative measures - almost twice as many as in 2019. In order to eliminate the conditions and causes contributing to the commission of crimes, in 2020, 22 motions and reports (in 2019 - 5) were submitted by the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan City and were discussed by the relevant bodies and relevant measures were undertaken.


Artur Davtyan underlined that though there is some positive progress in this direction, it is necessary to multiply the numbers of motions of prosecutorial measures to influence the quality, effectiveness of the causes of crimes, to eliminate the causes of crime.  


The RA Prosecutor General expressed his thankfulness to all the prosecutors of Yerevan City and Administrative districts of Yerevan for the actions carries out during the difficult year of 2020 together with the other law enforcement bodies aiming at strengthening legality and rule of law in the country. He also added that the tragic losses of our nation should make all the state bodies, including Prosecutor’s Office to realize its mission with much devotion, responsibility and honor.