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13.02.2021 | In the result of the studies of the Prosecutor’s Office a procedure for eliminating violations and giving criminal assessments in the field of fishery

According to the assignment of the RA Prosecutor General the Prosecutor's Office of Ararat Region has carried out large work in the field of protection of state interests. Studies have been carried out in the areas of renting lands overloaded by telecommunication stations in the region, unauthorized buildings in the communities, as well as the legality of fish farms. Active steps have been undertaken, especially in  order to eliminate the violations in the field of fishery, to give them criminal assessments, legalize the buildings and areas of unauthorised fish farms.


In particular, studying the unauthorized fish farms built in the territory of the region, inquiries were made to the State Committee of Real Estate Cadastre, 12 local governments having fish farms in the territories of their communities. A meeting of representatives of 45 fish farms was organized at the Regional Prosecutor's Office.


It was found out that 41 not-functioning fish farms out of 131 in the territory of 12 communities of Ararat region are unauthorized buildings according to Article 188 of the RA Civil Code or have such buildings in their territories. Violations have been made in the field of land use and land protection by the acting and former leaders of 4 communities of Ararat region.


In the result of the prepared materials it was found out that on 11,32 ha land plot of agricultural use leased from Sis community of Ararat region, 5 ha were built by the LLC, completely unauthorized, concrete fish farms, consisting of ponds and other unauthorized buildings. After summarizing the results of the study, the prosecutor of Ararat region sent a warning to the head of Sis community of Ararat region to terminate the lease agreement according to the law or to legalize or demolish the unauthorized buildings in accordance with the established procedure. On this ground the meeting organized in Sis community according to the decision of the community head, the unauthorized buildings were legalized, recognized as community property, then the mentioned buildings were directly purchased, and maintained, the process of direct purchase of 10,75876 ha of land, nearly 111 million AMD was transferred to the community bank account.


Appropriate schemes were drawn up to legalize the 2500 sq.m. concrete fish farm on another 25 ha land plot of agricultural significance located in the territory of Sis community as a result of the explanatory work carried out during the study, which were submitted to the competent bodies to legalize the fish farm. If legalized, more than 15.000.000 AMD can be paid to the budget of Sis community.


Several criminal cases are investigated under the supervision of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ararat Region.