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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

08.02.2021 | Artur Davtyan has summarized the outcomes of the measures undertaken during 2020 by the Prosecutor’s Office and law enforcement bodies of Syunik Region

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has visited Syunik Region to summarize the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office and discuss with the law enforcement bodies the actual issues of the citizens facing after 44-day war regarding the protection of main rights and security, improvement of the effectiveness of fight against crime.


The Marzpet of Syunik also participated in the meeting. They have discussed in detail the new challenges, crime prevention, detection measures regarding the protection of rights of citizens, as well as the results of instituting prosecutorial functions in criminal proceedings.


In 2020 the criminal cases have decreased with 5%, 744 cases compared with 783 cases of 2019. The cases of particularly grave crime, grave crime and medium gravity crime have decreased. 


1 case of murder has been recorded in 2020 instead of 4 cases of the previous year, cases of murder attempt have not been recorded, cases of willful severe damage to health have increased with 5 /13-8/.


Cases of crimes against property have decreased with 7 cases. The house robbery cases have decreased with 38% compared with the previous year /19-31/. This dynamics is because of coronavirus pandemic and state of emergency during which people stayed at home and on the other hand because of measures undertaken by prosecutor’s office, police and local authorities.


During 2020 36 corruption crimes have been detected, which is more with 6 or 20% compared with the previous year. Due to that the number of the cases initiated has increased.


Cases of traffic crimes in Syunik Region are 55, which is the same as in 2019 but cases with deaths are more with 2 /17-15/.  


Taking into account the consequences of the war especially in Syunik Region it is important to strengthen the control on the roads by the RP, as well as patrol services.


The cases of illegal turnover of arms and ammunition has increased with 23 or nearly 4.5 times in the territory of the region in 2020, compared with 2019 instead of 5 such cases 28 cases have been recorded in 2020. Such a picture is especially conditioned by the reason that Syunik Region and mainly Goris town has been the connecting point communication and location. Numerous cases of illegal transfer of arms and ammunition during the war and after it have been discovered in the control points situated on the main roads of the region.  


The RA General Prosecutor has instructed during 2021 to undertake necessary explanatory work and operative-investigative tools to find illegal arms and ammunition in order to prevent crimes with the use of arms and ammunition.


In general, the Prosecutor General expressed his satisfaction regarding the technical measures, law and social order protection in 2020. Artur Davtyan has mentioned the importance of the security of the population, their normal living especially for those who live next to the borders of the region. For this purpose, working closely with both the Republicans and especially the community with the units of the RF frontier forces serving in the region.


Based on the tendencies registered in certain crimes during the previous year, the RA Prosecutor General also gave specific instructions for the preliminary investigation carried out in criminal proceedings to increase the effectiveness of prosecutorial oversight of legality.