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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

12.01.2021 | The RA Prosecutor General A. Davtyan is in the Russian Federation on a working visit

By the invitation of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation I. Krasnov, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia A. Davtyan is in Moscow with a view to take part in the solemn events dedicated to the Day of the Employee of the RF Prosecutor’s Office.


On the occasion of the professional holiday, the RA Prosecutor General congratulated his Russian colleagues, noting that the RF Prosecutor’s Office has a respectable 300-year-old historical past.


The RA Prosecutor General noted that the high level of mutual understanding between the RA and RF Prosecutor’s Offices promotes active bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the fight against international crime, effective implementation of mutual legal assistance structures, and criminal-legal protection of the rights of our citizens.


Artur Davtyan attached importance to the work of the RF Prosecutor’s Office within the framework of the service of the Russian peacekeeping forces in the criminal-legal field in the Artsakh Republic which promotes legality, implementation of duties by the Russian military personnel, as well as  establishment of relations based on mutual respect and trust with the military personnel of the Armenian Armed Forces and residents of Artskah, stability and peace in the region.


Based on the above, for strengthening the rule of law in the Artsakh Republic and their contribution to the cooperation with the RA Prosecutor’s Office, 4 employees of the RF Prosecutor’s Office serving in the Artsakh Republic were awarded on the occasion of the Day of the Employee of the RF Prosecutor’s Office.


The visit of the RA Prosecutor General continues.