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30.12.2020 | The deputy commander of the military unit was detained within the framework of a criminal case

On  December 08, 2020 a citizen A.O. turned to the RA Prosecutor General A. Davtyan and informed that after the declaration of martial law in the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic, having learned that his son A.O., the conscript of the

military unit N of the RA Ministry of Defense, was transferred to the Republic of Artsakh, headed there by his Nissan car. He announced that on October 9, 2020. on the territory of Ishkhanadzor, he witnessed how, during the attack of UAV, the deputy

commander of the military unit ordered the servicemen who got out of the car to get into it and continue moving, and after that, minutes later, the car was attacked, and the servicemen and his son were killed.


By the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General, the RA Military Prosecutor's Office sent a message to the General Military Investigative Department of the RA IC for the investigation and on December 21 a criminal case was initiated.


During the preliminary investigation, factual data were obtained that on October 09, 2020 an order was received to transfer the entire military unit from the Goradiz region of Artsakh to the village of Tili. On the administrative territory of the village of

Ishkhanadzor, the deputy commander of the military unit of the RA Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant Colonel A. V, noticing that Ural vehicle carrying the personnel was standing, and the soldiers were next to the vehicle, called the commander and by

hearing the sound of UAV, gave the order to get the servicemen in the car and continue their way, mentioning that UAV was not their problem, but the problem of the air defense forces. The commander complied with the order and 19 servicemen got

into the car. After 5 minutes, UAV hit the car, and because of the fire that broke out, 18 servicemen died, and another was injured.


Based on the evidence obtained, Lieutenant Colonel A.V. was charged under Part 4 of Art. 375 of the RA Criminal Code.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.