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25.10.2020 | Factual data on preparing military aggression against Artsakh earlier and participation of Turkish military forces have been received

During the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated, factual data were received on initiating an aggressive war against the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh and committing  gross violations against international humanitarian law, peace and human security that since the beginning of August this year a large number of servicemen from special subdivisions of Turkish Armed Forces of the Armenian Armed Forces, while being in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, conducted mass military training with  the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.


The trainings were conducted especially in mountainous places in order to receive skills and be ready to fight in mountainous conditions. In addition, during the exercises and trainings the servicemen of the Turkish Armed Forces said that an attack should be soon carried out on the military positions of Artsakh.


Since September 3, the Azerbaijani military reservists have been called up for a general mobilization, disinforming the public that the conscription is for week-long military exercises.


Since September 21, the military units of both the military reservists and regular army have been located in the military positions next to Artsakh and Azerbaijan border and on the night of September 26-27, they were ordered to attack the military bases of the Defense Army of the Republic of Artsakh in all directions, using all kinds of weapons of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.


In addition, since the second half of September, artillery systems have been installed in the settlements next to the border densely populated by Azeris, in the gardens of citizens as well as in places with dense tree cover as well as in less visible places, telling the citizens that they are for military exercises. However, from the very beginning of the war, these systems carried out military tasks.


According to the factual data received, the servicemen of the Turkish special forces, were immediately and directly involved in the military operations according to the plan.


The preliminary investigation of the criminal case is undergoing, all measures are undertaken to find out fully the circumstances