08.10.2020 | At the session of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors of the CIS Member States, Artur Davtyan raised the issue of the necessity for establishment of international terrorism in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone and combining the efforts against it

The regular online session of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors of the CIS Member States was held today. Within the framework of 15 issues discussed in the agenda, the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan touched the issue of  the aggressive war unleashed by Azerbaijan, the grave crimes committed by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, the registered cases and the preliminary investigation of criminal cases initiated on the mentioned facts.


The Prosecutor General drew attention to the fact that these criminal acts, large-scale military hostilities are being carried out by prohibited means and methods of warfare, in particular, by weapons strictly prohibited by international conventions, on the grounds of the national hatred and in ways, which put the lives of civilians in danger, and as a result of these actions many servicemen and civilians were killed, many received bodily injuries, large-scale damage was caused to property.


The Prosecutor General of the RA has informed that the factual evidence obtained in the scope of the investigation of the above-mentioned criminal cases prove the involvement of hired fighters of illegally armed terrorist, extremist groups brought from Syria and Libya by Azerbaijan in the military operations.


Drawing attention of the Prosecutors General of CIS taking part in the meeting of the Coordinating Council, Artur Davtyan has emphasized the necessity of preventing, detecting international terrorism and its expansion abolishing such dens, uniting efforts of the member states to bring the people involved in them to mandatory liability and improve the cooperation against the serious threat to the internal and external security for all the countries of the region by Azerbaijan and Turkey by means of locating those groups in the conflict zone. He also added that Armenia is ready to be fully involved in those operations.


Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors of the CIS Member States, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation I. Krasnov in his speech stressed the priority of ensuring the protection and security of citizens, especially by preventing any attempt to involve mercenaries or terrorists in the conflict zone.