07.10.2020 | In the international structures of the prosecutor’s offices Artur Davtyan raised the issue of crimes against peace and security committed by Azerbaijan

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan within the framework of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors General of CIS Member States, as well as the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors raised the issues of the aggressive war unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh in July-October with the help of Turkey and gross violations of human rights, international humanitarian law and grave crimes committed during the war.


In particular, attention was drawn to the circumstance that Azerbaijan is conducting large-scale military operations in a way that is dangerous for the life of the civilian population, by using prohibited means and methods of warfare. Numerous peaceful settlements of Armenia and Artsakh, civil, including environmental, civil defense, educational infrastructure are targeted by missiles, as a result of which more than 20 civilians were killed in settlements near the state border of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh, cities, villages of Artsakh far from the line of contact, including infants, a large number of civilians were injured, the property of persons was seriously damaged.


It was emphasized that the mercenaries of illegal armed terrorist and extremist groups transferred from Syria and Lebanon by Azerbaijan are directly involved in the ongoing hostilities, and the available data prove Turkey's involvement in the armed conflict.


Particular attention was also drawn to the deliberate persecution of journalists performing their professional duties in the conflict zone by the Azerbaijani armed forces.


The RA Prosecutor General said that on the facts of unleashing an aggressive war by Azerbaijan and other crimes mentioned above, criminal cases are initiated, and active procedural actions are being carried out with a view to document these crimes in detail, give criminal-legal assessment to the ongoing events by collecting evidence and subjecting persons who committed a crime, to criminal liability also in the context of international law.


In a letter addressed to Jose Manuel Santos Pais - President of the CCPE , Artur Davtyan also stressed the importance of application of the interim measure by ECHR by the cases of Armenia against Azerbaijan and Armenia against Turkey and stressed the importance of the immediate implementation of the interim measures applied in terms of protection and guarantee of Articles 2 (right to life) and 3 (prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment) of the European Convention on Human Rights.


It was also reported that the RA Prosecutor's Office is taking measures to submit to the ECHR factual data on total violations of fundamental human rights by the military-political leadership of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Taking into account the above mentioned, the RA Prosecutor General called the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors General of CIS member states, the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors to use the authority and influence of their organizations to support the efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries.


At the same time, by the letters submitted by the RA Prosecutor General to the Prosecutor's Offices of the Russian Federation and the EU member states were raised the issue of the necessity and importance of effective cooperation in ensuring the criminal liability of terrorists, as well as of persons who have committed other crimes against the peace and security of mankind in the manner prescribed by multilateral international treaties related to terrorism.


Taking into account that the Azerbaijani army is conducting aggressive hostilities directly on the border with Iran, the issue of detecting and neutralizing terrorists was also raised in a letter from Artur Davtyan sent to the Prosecutor General IRI.