25.08.2020 | Cases of unearned incomes have been disclosed in the basic schools of Vayots Dzor region; the damage has been fully recovered

On the assignment of the RA General Prosecutor examinations have been conducted in the educational institutions of the republic since last year in order to find out and exclude the corruption mechanisms in working relations.


In this scope the Prosecutor’s Office of Vayots Dzor region demanded and received data from Vayots Dzor Marzpetaran and Ministry of Education, Science, Sport and Culture on people appointed in the positions for supporting education within the region in order to discuss the question of initiating proceedings for the protection of state interests including protection of financial means foreseen for the educational institutions. They have been sent to the Police Department of Vayots Dzor region in order to check the details regarding mentioned people who have not attended at all or partially, have not fulfilled responsibilities properly, as well as circumstances of payment.


Data was obtained through extensive operative and investigative measures on not attending work, being abroad in different periods and for a long time /from 10 days to several months/ but being paid for not fulfilling responsibilities at all or properly in a number of basic schools of the region, especially on educational supporting posts, particularly, guard, lab assistant, cleaner, janitor as well as people appointed as teacher and deputy director from 2007 to 2019.


Materials have been prepared in Yeghegnadzor Division of the RA Police under the supervision of the prosecutors and in the result a criminal case was initiated on the factual data received from Gladzor Secondary school under Article 179, Part 2, Point 1 of the RA Criminal Code, which was sent to Vayots Dzor Investigative Division of the RA Investigative Committee for preliminary investigation.


Initiation of criminal cases on abuses in other 18 schools and in a state college of Vayots Dzor was rejected in 2 cases on the basis of application of amnesty act, in 5 cases for expiration of the statute of limitations, in 11 cases for lack of corpus delicti, in one case for the absence of the case of crime.


The total damage caused to state – 3.000.000 AMD - throughout mentioned abuses was fully recovered by the former and serving directors of schools.