14.08.2020 | A case of trafficking of one-year-old child has been detected in Ararat Region. Criminal case has been initiated

Operative information was received at the Division of Police of Masis on trafficking of one-year-old child by a resident of Masis on May 2020.


 In the result of effective work carried out by the officers of Masis Division of the RA Police, as well as by the officers of the General Department of the RA Police under the supervision of the Deputy Prosecutor of Ararat Region, on 13.05.2020 the resident of Masis city made a statement in Masis Police Department that she had sold her son to a couple living in Yerevan for 500.000 AMD, but the latter had paid only 300.000 AMD partly.


In the course of preparation of the materials, in the result of due measures undertaken in a short time, factual data was received that the mentioned woman gave birth to a boy in April 2019. In advance the latter agreed with the couple from Yerevan city to sell her one-year-old son to them for 500.000 AMD in 2020. On May 5, 2020, they went to the Regional Division of Masis Civil Registration Office, where the buyer acknowledged the paternity of the child and took the child’s new certificate of birth with his surname.


Several days later, the couple and their relatives went to the child's biological mother's house, where they paid 200.000 AMD out of the 500.000 AMD for child trafficking, agreed to pay the remaining 300.000 AMD later, took the child and left. Later, on June 11.06. 2020 and on 31.07.2020 they paid 50.000 AMD from the remaining amount. Taking into account the criminal features of child trafficking for the care of the child a criminal case was initiated under Article 168, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code.


The criminal case was sent to Masis Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee for preliminary investigation.


Measures are being undertaken to disclose fully the circumstances of the case.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.