06.08.2020 | Criminal cases initiated on corruption crimes have increased 40% in Aragatsotn region

The outcomes of the activities of the criminal prosecution bodies on corruption crimes disclosed in the territory of the region during the first half of 2020, the results of the initiatives of the Prosecutor's Office of the region in the field of protection of state interests have been summed up in the Prosecutor's Office of Aragatsotn Region of the Republic of Armenia.


According to these outcomes, 35 criminal cases on corruption crimes have been initiated in the first 6 months of this year under the judicial control or supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of the RA Aragatsotn Region. This number is higher with 14 or 40% than in the same period last year.


12 cases were found in the field of education, 17 cases in local self-government, 3 in organizations providing medical service, 1 case in a state non-commercial organization, and 2 cases are related to the state service of law enforcement agencies.


During the first 6 months of 2020 19 people were prosecuted out of them 5 heads of community, 6 directors of school, 1 teacher, 1 municipal employee, 3 school employees, and 3 citizens for assisting officials to commit crimes.


During the mentioned period, 3 criminal cases were sent to the court with an indictment against 5 people, 2 criminal cases were completed in the court against 3 people, out of which 2 people were convicted in 1 criminal case.


In the first half of 2020, the damage caused to the state and communities in the result of corruption crimes, amounted to 74,343,213 AMD, out of which 15,483,025 AMD was recovered. Moreover, in the first half of 2020, 30,535,174 AMD was recovered from the Aragatsotn Regional Investigation Department of the RA Investigative Committee for investigated corruption crimes. Appropriate tools of criminal procedure were used to restore the rest of the damage. During the preliminary investigation, the property belonging to the accused was seized during the preliminary investigation to ensure proper confiscation.


In order to eliminate the causes and favouring conditions of corruption crimes, as well as the violations of state interests, the Marzpet of the RA Aragatsotn Region, heads of communities, the director of "Jrar" CJSC of the RA Water Committee were submitted 6 petitions on various issues, in the result of which disciplinary sanctions were imposed on responsible officials.


Overall work has been done also in the field of protection of state interests, which is exclusively a prosecutorial function.


8 studies have been carried out or are being carried out within this framework, which are related to the process and other areas of investments in communities by miners, the fulfillment of obligations for replenishment of environmental protection funds, the allocation of illegal plots by the heads of communities.


Within the ongoing studies, the Prosecutor's Office has made 21 warnings to the necessary subjects, in the result of which the damage caused to the state is being repaired.


In the first half of 2020, the Prosecutor's Office of Aragatsotn Region sent 3 criminal cases against 5 people to the court with indictment though no criminal case was sent to court during the same period in 2019.