17.07.2020 | On July 16, 8 criminal cases were initiated on the fact of crimes committed by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan against border settlements and military facilities of Tavush region. The RA Military Prosecutor visited the region.

On July 16, 2020 from 04:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border of Berd community of Tavush region from the Azerbaijani military bases, by violating the ceasefire, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, on the basis of hatred on national grounds with the aim of unlawfully depriving the residents of these settlements of life and deliberately destroying their property, builidings, infrastructure facilities targeted the settlements with the use of various types of weapons, including UAVs.


In the result of shooting were  damaged a water supply line and a kindergarden in Aygepar settelment. With the use of UAVs in Chinari settlement, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan blew up a car of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, and as a result, a resident of this village, who was at that moment near the car, was injured and was taken to a hospital, as well as private houses and one greenhouse were damaged because of the explosions of shells.


It was possible to avoid human losses only because the residents managed to hide in the shelters. On the fact of encroachment on the life, health, property, civilian objects of the peaceful population, 5 criminal cases were initiated in the Investigative Division of Berd of the Regional Investigative Department of Tavush of the RA Investigative Committee under Point 6 and Point 13 of Part 2 of Art. 34-104 and Point 1 and Point 4 of Part 2 of Art. 185 of the RA Criminal Code.


In addition to that, during the mentioned period, because of the indicated criminal motives, from the territory of Azerbaijan with the use of artillery of various calibre, mortars, firearms the territories of military bases, objects of military significance located in the area of Military Unit N of the RA Ministry of Defense were targeted, and as a result of which, the servicemen of the RA Armed Forces received severe injuries. The latter were taken to the military hospital of Berd community and received the necessary medical assistance.


3 criminal cases were initiated in the Sixth Garrison Division of General Military Investigative Department of the RA IC, from which 2 under Point 6, Point 7 and Point 13 of Part 2 of Art. 14-104 of the RA CC and 1 – Point 1 and Point 4 of Part 2 of Art. 34-185 of the RA CC.


By the above mentioned 8 criminal cases, a preliminary investigation is still in process and the necessary investigative actions are being carried out.


On July 17, the RA Military Prosecutor V. Harutyunyan visited Berd to get acquainted on the spot with the operational situation, the process of preliminary investigation of criminal cases initiated on the basis of provocative criminal actions by the enemy and the process of prosecutorial supervision over their legality. With a view to that, he held a meeting with the participation of Prosecutors of Lori Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office, the Head of the Sixth Garrison Division of General Military Investigative Department of the RA IC, and in connection with the situation, gave appropriate instructions.


Vahe Harutyunyan also met with the Major General, Commander of the 3rd Army Corps of the RA Ministry of Defense, G. Khachaturov and expressed his support to the officers and soldiers of the army corps for their courage and high professionalism shown on the front line from 12 to 15 July.


The RA Military Prosecutor also visited the military hospital of Berd community, where the servicemen who were injured as a result of the Azerbaijani criminal actions are treated, supported them, and wished to get well soon, and also asked for the details of the process, the conditions of their treatment.