16.07.2020 | The factual data already obtained in criminal cases testify that the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have targeted the civilian population of the Republic of Armenia, attacking their lives and health. 13 criminal cases have been initiated.

On July 13 and 14, 2020shots and artillery shells were fired from various weapons, including firearms and artilleries from Azerbaijani military bases on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border in the area of Tavush Region on a number of settlements, particularly,on Berd town of the Region and on the settlementsAygepar, Chinari, Norashen, NerkinKarmirAghbyur ofBerd community.


In the result of the shootings and explosions of shells intentionally aimed at killing the citizens of the RA, different degrees of damage were caused to the peaceful citizens of those settlements, the real and moveable property of the civilians, civil and industrial objects located in those settlements.


In particular, in the result of the mentioned actions, different degrees of damage were caused to:


• Aygepar settlement: 9 private houses, a ''Ford Transit''vehicle which belongs to a  civilian resident and is used for civil purposes, a brandy factory operating in the settlement, as well as a guard post belonging to the General Department of State Protection of the RA Police, in the result of which 2 police officersserving in the Tavush Division of GDST of the RA Police received gunshot wounds,

• Chinari settlement: 4 private houses, 1 vehicle “GAZ 53” belonging to a civil resident and used for personal purposes,

• NerkinKarmirAghbyur settlement:6 private houses,

• Berd town: an operating brandy factory,

• Norashen settlement:a vehicle "UAZ" belonging to acivil resident andused for personal purposes,

• Tavush settlement:a tombstone and retaining walls of a grave.


It was possible to avoid from human losses only because the residents, as well as the employees of the industrial enterprises managed to hide in the shelters, hiding places or in other places. 


Regarding the above-mentioned cases, 13 criminal cases were initiated in theInvestigative Division of Berd, Tavush Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative  Committee, out of which 12 caseswere initiated under Article 34-104, Part 2, Points 6, 13 and Article 185, Part 2, Points 1 and 4 of the RA Criminal Code and 1 case was initiated under Article34-104, Part 2, Points 1 and 4 of the RA Criminal Code.


Criminal cases have been taken for proceedings.


Within the ongoing preliminary investigation, a number of urgent investigative measures are being undertaken, expert examinations have been appointed.


It has already been substantiated by the preliminary investigation that the bordering settlements and the civil objects of the RA have been targeted by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan intentionaly, motived with national hatred, by means ofdeprivation of lives and for destroying property.


Information on the cases of criminal actions committed by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijanagainst the military servants of the RA Armed Forces, the objects of military significance, as well as their criminal and legal situation will be provided later.