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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

11.06.2020 | The fight against criminal subculture was moved from the preparatory phase to the implementation phase: 10 individuals were charged

From the moment of entering into force on 22.02.2020 by virtue of the RA Law on making Amendments and Supplements to the RA Criminal Code criminalizing acts related to the criminal subculture, the RA Prosecutor General’s Office carried out large-scale activities with high efficiency in order to create prerequisites for the criminal-legal fight against acts of high public danger. In particular, immediately after the legislative changes came into force, the RA Prosecutor General had a meeting with the RA Minister of Justice, Director of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, Head of the RA Police, Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee, Head of the Penitentiary Service of the RA MOJ and representatives of other law enforcement agencies. As a result of a detailed discussion, the main actions were indicated in the direction of preventing more dangerous manifestations of organized crime, ensuring the quality of investigations of such cases, bringing the perpetrators to justice, also were mentioned the ways to carry out operational-search measures at various stages of the investigation of similar cases.


With a view to increase the efficiency of prosecutorial supervision over the investigations of crimes related to the criminal subculture and defend the charge in court by the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General two prosecutors from the Department for Crimes against Public Security of the RA Prosecutor General's Office were specialized specifically in this field.


Taking into account the circumstance that in connection with these types of crimes legal practice in Armenia has not yet been established, in order to avoid possible errors and omissions in the fight against these crimes, the task was set to study the experience of post-Soviet countries, in particular, the experience of Georgia, taking into account also that from post-Soviet countries for the first time acts related to the criminal subculture were criminalized in Georgia.


With a view to this, within the framework of effective cooperation with a neighboring state, the delegation led by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia visited the Republic of Georgia, where, in the light of the ECHR's legal positions by the case relating to Georgia, by joint discussions with Georgian colleagues, practical tasks related to investigations within the framework of the mentioned cases of crimes, prosecutorial supervision, defense of charge were investigated.


In addition to the foregoing, in order to ensure a unified law enforcement practice on criminal acts related to the criminal subculture, as well as to ensure public awareness, the RA Prosecutor’s Office prepared a scientific and practical commentary entitled “Criminal and Legal Characterization of the Acts related to the Criminal Subculture”, which was guaranteed to be published by the scientific Council of the RA Academy of Justice and sent to all beneficiary agencies. These commentary manuals are also published on the official website of the RA Academy of Justice, which can be found at . A separate training course is also provided for this topic by the curriculum of the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.


Based on the mentioned preparatory works, the authorities carrying out operational-search measures, the preliminary investigation and the Prosecutor's Office launched coordinated and interconnected large-scale measures to prevent and neutralize acts related to the criminal subculture. As a result, were detected criminal schemes for leading a group having a criminal subculture.


Under the relevant articles of the RA Criminal Code were initiated 5 criminal cases, 3 of which were set in one proceeding. All criminal cases are being investigated in the General Department for Investigation of the EIC of the RA Investigative Committee.


Within the framework of one of these criminal cases, one person with the highest status in the criminal hierarchy, “thief in law,” was charged for leading a criminal group, and another person with the highest status in the criminal hierarchy of “criminal authority,” - for taking part in a criminal group, three people - for turning for help of people with the highest status in the criminal hierarchy, five people – for the involvement in the implementation of the goals pursued by a criminal group.


From the mentioned 10 people involved in criminal prosecution in respect of 6 detention was applied as a measure of restraint.


Active measures are being taken both to disclose all the circumstances of the crime, and to identify other criminal schemes related to the criminal subculture.


The relentless and consistent fight against the criminal subculture, the eradication of this public evil continues to be an absolute priority for the RA Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement agencies. In this context, the results of work carried out by the criminal prosecution authorities in this direction will be regularly presented.


At the same time, the RA Prosecutor's Office hopes for public support in the joint fight against these phenomena.