12.05.2020 | The criminal case on embezzlement of particularly large amount - about 27.2 million AMD by police officials using their position was sent to court

The preliminary investigation on the results of the inspection carried out by the Internal Audit Department of the RA Police, based on the materials prepared by the Internal Security Department of the RA Police and then materials obtained by the RA Special Investigation Service in regard with using official position by the police officials within the case of embezzlement, initiated on October 15, 2018 has been completed.


It was substantiated by a sufficient accumulation of credible evidence that the G.H and A.A., former heads of Ararat Security Department and Artashat Security Division of Ararat Protection Department of the General Department of State Protection of the RA Police (GDSP), came to a preliminary agreement with P. G., the accountant of the same department, have developed and implemented a scheme for embezzling money transferred to the state budget during 2015-2017. Accordingly, the income taxes of salaries and bonuses of the employees of the department have not been paid or have not been paid fully to the state budget. The money combined each month, and in some cases also the bonuses foreseen for the employees of the department until 2016 by the instruction of G. H., former head of Artashat Security Department, then until October 2017 -  by the instruction of A. A., the accountant P. G. transferred the money to his, heads' of the departments, as well as several employees' bank card accounts. After that, the latter demanded monthly payments from the mentioned employees and received the money transferred to their bank accounts. Then P. G., who was handed over the money by the instruction of the heads of the departments, gave the total amount of the various amounts collected by him to them each time. In the result, during the mentioned period, with the help of the accountant G. H. 11.5 million AMD in total was embezzled by G. H. and about 13 million AMD by A.A.


Besides, it turned out that G. H., during his post on the head of the Ararat Protection Department of the Police GDSP, during March-October 2016, without having the authority to provide financial assistance to the employees of the department, based on the reports submitted by 41 employees of the same department on various personal issues, with the support of the former accountant of the department, has factually paid 2.7 million AMD to them, wasting such amount of money.


On February 11, 2020, A. A. was charged under Article 179, Part 3, Point 1 of the RA Criminal Code. The latter pleaded guilty and restored 13 million AMD he was charged with.


On April 7, 2020, the body conducting the proceedings, by the instruction of the prosecutor involved G. H. and P. G. as defendants.


G. H. was charged under Article 179, Part 3, Point 1 and Article 179, Part 2, Points 1 and 3 of the RA Criminal Code. During the preliminary investigation, the latter recovered 360,000 AMD from the damage caused.


P. G. was charged under Article 38-179, Part 3, Point 1 of the RA Criminal Code (two episodes). He pleaded guilty and testified.


During the preliminary investigation, the property of the accused was detained for the provision of damages and court costs.


On May 12, 2020, the prosecutor supervising the legality of the preliminary investigation confirmed the indictment against 3 persons, and the criminal case was sent to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ararat Region.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.