05.05.2020 | Yerevan Water Supply Improvement and Cleaning Program has become inefficient for the reason of wasting more than 7 billion AMD loan proceeds

The Department of State Interests Protection of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia examined the documents received from the Water Committee of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia on the implementation of the loan program for improving and cleaning the water system of Yerevan in the scope of which necessary information was required and received from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia. As a result, factual data on the manifestations of abuse of power by the responsible officials of the RA Water Committee have been revealed.


The examination revealed that the state-loan funds provided by the Government of the Republic of France to the Government of the Republic of Armenia it was planned to make improvement and cleaning works of the Yerevan water supply system, especially, reconstruction of the "Aeration" wastewater outlet station by improving the initial treatment of wastewater.


Besides, on 30.12.2014 an agreement worth of 10.4 million euro was concluded between State Organization "Community Development PIU" of Yerevan Municipality which envisaged a 20-month construction deadline, that is to say, the station was going to be operated no later than September 1, 2016.


A final act was established without putting the dates by the mentioned organization of the director of the PIU and the French organization, as well a report dated August 31, 2017 was drawn up, according to which about 7.12 billion AMD was paid for the reconstruction, which is about USD 15 million. Meanwhile, it turned out that Yerevan "Aeration" Wastewater Cleaning Station has not been put into operation up to date.


In the result of the program of the Yerevan Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program was joined to
"Water Sector Projects Implementation Unit" State Institution of State Water Committee of the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures And Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia, one of the main functions of which was the management of the state property of water systems and safe usage provision. 


Meanwhile, in the result of the monitoring of the water quality of the Hrazdan River carried out by the "Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" SNCO in the section 9 km below Yerevan city, the quality of water in that observation point during 2014-2019 was estimated exclusively of 5th class, that is to say, poor quality due to not cleaned utilities wastewater of Yerevan city.


In other words, the "Aeration" WWCS has not been put into operation up to date and due to wasting the state funds of the Republic of Armenia of about 7,12 billion AMD the possible ecological dangers, causing severe consequences, have not been prevented.


Taking into account that the factual data containing the features of criminal commitments were obtained in the result of the investigation, a criminal case was initiated at the Department of State Interests Protection of the RA General Prosecutor's Office under Article 308, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code.


The RA Investigative Committee has been instructed to conduct a preliminary investigation.