04.05.2020 | The criminal case investigated in connection with kidnapping and shooting in Erebuni Plaza Business Center has been sent to court with the conclusion of using medical force

Preliminary investigation of the criminal case regarding the event when a man entered Erebuni Plaza Business Center on 23 January 2020 at about 14:38, committing violence against the others lives and health, as well as shooting, a criminal case was initiated on 23 January under Article 218, Part 2, Points 2, 3 and 7, Article 235, Part 1 and Article 185, Part 2, Point 1.


With the sufficient combination of the evidence obtained during the preliminary investigation carried out in the Investigative Department of Yerevan City of the Investigative Committee of the RA it was substantiated that “A. T., being a member of the NGO ”Hunters and Fishers Union of Armenia”having criminal intentions bought a firearms “Saiga” and bullets on January 8, 2020. On January 23, 2020 at about 14:30, he entered the «EREBUNI-PLAZA» multifunctional business center located at Vazgen Sargsyan Street 26/1, Yerevan, where he opened fire on the ceiling with the mentioned firearm, and then committed violation against people's lives and their health and demanded to take him to the office of the RA second president Robert Qocharyan. Receiving a response that the office was closed, threatening to shoot everyone, he moved to the gym of the business center threatening security guards, making similar request to the latter. However, learning that only the gym and the hairdressing salon were in that direction, he came back to the reception and fired another shot in the direction of the sofa and pillar, damaging the property. Then he directed the weapon to the chest of a person, saying that the latter was in the status of a hostage and demanded to call Viktor Soghomonyan, the head of the office of R. Qocharyan, the second president of the Republic of Armenia. Besides, he stated that he would release the hostage only after fulfilling his demand, aimed at meeting V.  Soghomonyan and taking the latter hostage for calling Sedrak Kocharyan, the son of Robert Qocharyan, the second president of the Republic of Armenia to meet with him.


On January 25, 2020, A. T. was charged under Article 218, Part 2, Points 2, 3 and 7 and Article 185, Part 2, Point 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. On the same day, the court ordered his detention as a precautionary measure.


During the preliminary investigation, a comprehensive forensic psychiatric examination was implemented. According to the conclusion received, A. T. suffered and suffers from mental illness ''Schizophrenia, paranoid'', had an attack while committing the criminal act. According to the conclusion of the examination, A. T. needs to be recognized as insane, and in his current state of mind he had social danger to both himself and those around him and needs to be mandatory treated in a psychiatric ward.


On the same day, the body conducting the proceedings made decision to initiate proceedings on the application of compulsory medical measures, at the same time, according to the court's decision of March 21, 2020 A. T. was placed in a psychiatric hospital as a security measure, due to which his pre-trial detention was abolished.


The prosecutor in charge of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case confirmed the decision of the preliminary investigation body on applying compulsory medical measures against the accused and sent the criminal case to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan city.