20.04.2020 | There are corruption risks in the police posts against the illegal transportation of timber. A letter was addressed to the police

The investigation of the materials of the criminal cases investigated at the RA SIS follows that during the shift held in some police posts established for detecting illegally cut timber, cases containing corruption risks take place, which create favorable conditions for committing criminal acts.


In particular, based on the data received during the operative-investigative measures undertaken in the RA NSS on November 25, 2019 a criminal case was initiated at the RA SIS under Article 308, Part 1, Article 311, Part 2, Article 312, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, data were collected on the fact that the officers of the Chambarak Division of the RA Police have not undertaken any measures to prevent the illegal transportation of timber, the people who were transporting were formerly informed about potential danger of detecting the forest wood by other officers.


According to the operative-investigative measures undertaken, the police officer of Chambarak Division of the RA Police during the service in exchange for not making records about the invoice which was not consistent with data of the document at the same post during service in September-October 2019, received a spare part of a car from that person.


Though the preliminary investigation of the criminal case has not provided a sufficient combination of evidence to involve the relevant police officers as accused and sue them, but the available factual evidence make grounds to suggest that these officers had contacts with some people engaged in illegal acquisition and transportation of timber during the service.


Such commitments are not unique. In the result of an operative-investigative measure carried out in the scope of another criminal case being investigated by the RA SIS, data were received by the Officers of Tavush Division of the RA Police situated at Berd post and Chambarak post, situated at Gegharkunik region about asking for vodka during a telephone conversation with a resident of the village of Ttujur on September 20, 2019, which he received the next morning. The preliminary investigation body did not obtain sufficient evidence proving that police officer demanded vodka for any interest, and a decision was made not to prosecute him on the grounds of lack of corpus delicti.


The above-mentioned cases prove that there is a need to strengthen the control over the conduct of the police officers serving in the police posts especially in the territories of Tavush and Gegharkunik regions, in order to fight against the illegal transportation of timber.


Based on the objective of increasing the effectiveness of the fight against illegal logging and preventing criminal commitments, the RA Prosecutor General's Office submitted a petition to the RA Police to take effective measures to exclude such commitments in the mentioned posts, to find out the reasons for violations and discuss the issue of conduct of the people having guilt.