16.04.2020 | Тhe Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia addressed a congratulatory message on the RA Police Day

Тhe Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Artur Davtyan addressed a congratulatory message on the RA Police Day. The message, in particular, states:


“Dear Police Officers and Veterans!


On behalf of the RA Prosecutor's Office and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate you on the Day of the Police Officer, which, in addition to the professional day, is primarily evidence of the foundation of the system, the strengthening of our statehood. It is difficult to overestimate your contribution to the mission of democracy, legality, protecting the interests and rights of citizens and maintaining public order in our country. The mission that the Police is carrying out today with a great sense of honor and responsibility, fairly deserving trust, respect of our society.


Especially during these days, the daily tireless work of the police officers with citizens in connection with the state of emergency was in the center of public attention. Due to this, before our eyes, a new image of a public servant is really being reassessed, a servant, who, if necessary, for the common good, endangering day and night his/her own health fulfills his/her duties with dignity.


Such an assessment, of course, is not only a signal for a contentment, but also for a more responsible approach, since it sets a new, higher standard for working style, communicating with people, resolving the tasks assigned to the system, and, I am sure, every employee is aware of the need to overcome it daily.


Together, we are in the front line of the fight against crime. Prevention of offenses, crimes, merciless and relentless fight against them remains our common priority. On the way of solving this issue, the high level of cooperation currently formed between all law enforcement agencies guarantees us a further victory in this fight.


Dear Police Officers!


My congratulations once again on this wonderful professional day, I wish you continuous achievements both in your personal and family life, and in your hard, responsible and honorable work for the benefit of our state and people, security and the continuous path of our progress ” .