10.04.2020 | Theft in especially large amounts in the course of the implementation of the grant program dasaran.am

The results of monitoring of funds allocated for the public organization from the state budget of 2017-2018 and copies of the documents attached to them were received from the RA State Supervision Service, which were studied within the framework of prosecutorial function of filing a lawsuit to protect state interests. With a view to ensure the completeness of the study, the necessary documents were requested and received from the RA State Revenue Committee.


As a result, it was found out that between the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Armenia and the public organization on the basis of grant agreements concluded on 14.02.2017 and 02.02.2018 for the implementation of the measure “Support to the educational and informational program “Class ”” (dasaran.am), 180 million AMD were allocated for the organization. The latter undertook the duty of using financial resources for the set purposes.


During the study of information databases and other resources, it was found out that within the framework of the implementation of grant programs, NPO purchased services from one commercial company during 2017-2018. And the price for the services was combined with the salary calculated by the company for the specified period. The fact that the NPO had sufficient resources to carry out the works that were presented as services purchased from the company was also taken into account. Based on the foregoing, by the monitoring conducted by the RA SSS, conclusions were made that the mentioned NPO acquired paper-transfer documents from a commercial organization.  


In the course of the study, data were also obtained that even more measures were provided for by the state budget of the Republic of Armenia.


Based on the initial data registered as a result of monitoring, according to the preliminary calculation by the RA SRC, in case of issuing or receiving paper-transfer documents as a fine will be charged in the amount of deviations from the amount indicated in the documents confirming the implementation of the deal, and in this case this amount is about 138.5 million AMD.


The circumstance on the purchase of paper-transfer documents of NPO indicated a violation of the requirements established by grant agreements, thus, non-use of the stipulated financial support funds in the above amount for the purposes envisaged by the agreement and about possible squandering by the organization’s employees.


Taking into account that in the course of the monitoring by the RA SSS and the study conducted in the RA Prosecutor General 's Office, factual data were obtained testifying the signs of squandering of funds in especially large amounts by using the official position by the employees of NPO, and regarding the foregoing it is necessary to conduct a full, comprehensive and objective investigation, a criminal case was initiated in the Department of State Interests Protection of the RA Prosecutor General 's Office under Point 1 of Part 3 of Art. 179 of the RA Criminal Code.


The preliminary investigation of the criminal case was entrusted to the RA IC.