09.04.2020 | An indictment has been filed in a military unit for large-scale embezzlement of diesel fuel and petrol: damage caused to the state has been restored

The State Interests Protection Division of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office has examined the state of protection of state interests in the process of receiving, storing and using material resources in the RA N military unit started from May to October 2017. As a result, a case of embezzlement of large amounts of fuel provided to the military unit was revealed which was done by inserting obviously false information in official documents for charitable purposes by the relevant officials of the military unit.


In the result of the investigative and other procedural measures undertaken in the scope of the criminal case initiated, it was found out and reasoned that A.H., the Head of the Fuel Unit of the Military Unit, by means of official abuse, has embezzled 7,000 liters of diesel fuel and petrol provided to the military unit and trusted to him by means of inserting obviously false information in the official documents of the travel checks and in the summaries of fuel distribution with the support of A.H., Head of the Car Service of the Military Unit, as well as R. Ye., H. M. and N. E., Drivers of the Car Service of the Military Unit started from February 2015 to March 2017.


Based on sufficient evidence obtained during the preliminary investigation, the above mentioned people are charged with large-scale embezzlement, by means of official abuse and official fraud, as well as assisting in the act of crime.


The defendants pleaded guilty to the charges, testified and fully restored the grave damage to the state.


The criminal case with the indictment was sent to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Armavir Region on December 13, 2019 and the defendants were pleaded guilty by the April 1, 2020 Decision, and latter were sentenced to imprisonment and fine.  


The defendants were released under the RA Law on “On declaring amnesty for criminal cases on the occasion of the 2,800th anniversary of the foundation of Erebuni-Yerevan and the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the First Republic of Armenia”.