06.04.2020 | During 2019 the number of people subjected to criminal prosecution for corruption crimes was increased by 31.6%. Summing-up

The RA Prosecutor General's Office continues to publish indicators of anti-corruption criminal legal fight for 2019. During 2019 by corruption cases investigated in the proceedings of the preliminary investigation bodies of the RA, a total of 1264 people were subjected to criminal prosecution, which compared to 2018 (960 people) is more by 31.6%. During the proceedings, the criminal prosecution  against 375 people was terminated, in case of 109 or 29% on the basis of aquittal grounds, 266 or 71% on the basis of non-aquittal grounds. Meanwhile, the number of the latter compared to 2018 was increased by 13.2%.


It should be noted that the criminal prosecution against people on the basis of non-acquittal grounds was terminated, as a rule due to the expiration of the statute of limitation for the crime or the application of the act of amnesty. And the certain increase in these indicators is conditioned by the criminal policy regarding the issue of encouraging the restoration of damage caused to the state or communities within the framework of the criminal procedure code regulations and the opportunities presented, assisting in detection of crimes, providing a more mitigating approach for people who committed not grave crime for the first time.


During 2019 a decision was made to involve as an accused by 1073 or compared to 2018  (819)  by 31% more people, from the mentioned a charge was brought against 1018 people.


During the reporting year, in the indicators of people subjected to criminal prosecution the number of people released from detention was decreased by 18 or 15.9% (in 2019-95 people - in 2018-113 people), which indicates that in 2019 cases of unjustified detentions were significantly reduced.


A stable practice was formed in the practice of using detention as a measure of restraint by corruption cases. In particular, during 2019, from 1018 accused against 98 or 9.6%, a petition for applying detention was presented, while during 2018 from 746 accused against 90 or 12%. Against the background of this decrease by 22 or 66.6% less accused were released from custody, which also indicates that the petition for applying detention as a measure of restraint or for the extension of their terms, which were satisfied by the court, were more justified.


From people subjected to criminal prosecution for corruption-related criminal cases investigated in 2019, 530 were officials, public servants, which compared to 2018 is more by 60 or 12.8%. According to the classification of posts and fields of activity, the to criminal prosecution were subjected:


Former President of the RA – 2


Deputy Minister-3


Head of the RA SSS-1


Judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction-2




Chief of the Military Police-1


Former Head of the Office of the RA President-1


Former Prosecutor General-1


Former Head of the RA Police-1


Former Head of the RA SRC-1


Fomer Marzpet-1


Police officers-27 (in 2018 -17), including Former Deputy Chiefs of the RA Police,


Employees of the SSFFS of the RA Ministry of Agriculture-9 (in 2018-0), including the Head of the Inspection,


Officials of the RA SRC - 10 (in 2018-12),


Officers of the RA IC-8 (in 20118-9), including the Head of the Investigative Department of Region and investigators,


Officers of the RA NSS -3 (in 2018-4),


Officers of the Penitentiary Institution of the RA Ministry of Justice -10 (in 2018-15), including 2 Chiefs of the Penitentiary Institution,


Officers of the RA SSS-3 (in 2018-0),


Officers of the RA  Ministry of Emergency Situations - 1 (in 2018-0),


By fields:


In the field of healthcare -36 (in 2018 -14).


Current and former directors of medical centers, clinics, 10 heads of SNCOs, director of the National Center for Tuberculosis Control of the RA Ministry of Health, director of ''Gyumri pathological-anatomical Laboratory'' CJSC.


In the field of education-96 (in 2018 -35).


Rector of the university, institute, vice-rectors, director of the branch of the conservatory, college directors, heads of the education department of marzpetaran, municipality, 73 directors of secondary schools, deputy directors, directors of the nursery schools, directors of sports, cultural and creative centers.


In the field of social security -63 (in 2018 -56).


Heads of the territorial social assistance agency, current and former heads of territorial divisions, heads of different divisions.


In the field of state property management, energy and environmental protection, 61 (in 2018 - 6).


Deputy Head of State Property Management, director of “ANPP” CJSC, head of 26 forestry, 32 foresters, former director of Sevan National Park.


In the field of local self-government - 113 (in 2018-73).


Heads and deputies of administrative districts, mayor, heads of 74 communities, former 20 heads of communities, deputies.


In the field of the armed forces - 164 (in 2018-31) .


11 commanders of the military unit, 18 deputy commanders, former commanders of the military unit, 34 platoon and battalion commanders, 29 heads of various services, chiefs and deputy chief of unit, Deputy Chairman of the Military Medical Commission, current and former military commissars, deputy military commissioner, doctors, former heads of the Air Defense Forces Depratment.


In other fields, 71 (in 2018 -91).


10 directors of SNCOs and PNCOs, deputies, directors and deputies of LLC, specialists of the Staff of the State Cadastral Committee, head of the program coordination group of the Global Fund of the RA Ministry of Justice, director of the library, etc.