10.03.2020 | Numerous cases were found out regarding the appointment of people to the post of the educational part in 5 schools of Tavush region and giving them salaries under the conditions of their non-attendance

As already reported, by the instructions of the RA Prosecutor General, since last year have been started studies in the educational institutions of the republic, bodies of the government and institutions of local government regarding the use of corruption mechanisms.


Within the framework of this, the Prosecutor's Office of Tavush region for state interests, including the exercise of entrusted powers, with a view to consider the issue of initiating a lawsuit to protect financial resources allocated by the state for educational institutions, requested and received from the Marzpetaran of Tavush region data regarding people appointed to the posts of educational part in state schools operating in the region. They were sent to Tavush region Department of the RA Police with the instruction of verifying through operational-search measures the circumstances of non-attendance of the work, non-fulfillment of work duties and the issue of giving salaries.


In the course of the implementation of a large-scale operational-search measures, data were obtained regarding non-attendance of work at all or partially, by people appointed from 2009 to 2019 to the posts of a janitor, cleaning lady, teacher and deputy director, and under the conditions of non-fulfillment of work duties, giving them salaries by falsifying documents under their names.


Under the proper supervision of prosecutors in the territorial subdivisions of the RA Police, materials were prepared, as a result of which in 5 schools of the region, in particular, on the facts identified in schools of Ptghavan, Zorakan, Khachardzan, Azatamut, and Dilijan School No. 2, 4 criminal cases were initiated. Criminal cases were initiated under various Parts of Article 179 and Part 1 of Article 314 of the RA Criminal Code, which for the preliminary investigation were sent to the Investigative Department of Tavush region. The initiation of a criminal case regarding the abuses in Khachardzan School was refused on the basis of expiration of the statute of limitations, taking into account the fact that current and former directors repented of their deeds, restored most of the damage.


By the cases of the mentioned abuses, the total damage caused to the state amounted to 22.7 million AMD.


Studies in the field are still in process.