04.03.2020 | In 2019 within the framework of functions of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office in the Armed Forces was detected damage caused to the state by corruption crimes and other offenses in the amount as of recorded in 2013-2018 together Summary of results

The RA Military Prosecutor’s Office analyzed the results of the work carried out within the framework of its powers for 2019 in the fight against corruption in the RA Armed Forces, as well as in the field of protection of state interests.


Accordingly during 2019, 156 cases of corruption-related crimes were registered, by 145 of which were initiated criminal cases.


63 of them were initiated on the grounds of abuse of authority by the head (commander) or official, 29 - official forgery, 27 - theft by embezzlement or misappropriation, 11 receiving or giving a bribe, 8 - abuse of official powers, 3 - fraud committed with the use of an official position, 3 - abuse of powers, 1- theft of weapons, ammunition or explosive devices with the use of an official position.


In general, during 2019 in the proceedings of the investigative bodies of the GMID of the RA IC, 296 criminal cases of a corruption nature were investigated. With a bill of indictment, 64 criminal cases against 102 people were sent to court. The number of cases sent to court is by 50% higher compared to the indicator of the previous year.


It was also found out that by criminal cases of corruption-related crimes investigated in the proceedings, completed during 2019, and also investigated during the year, and by prepared materials, damage in the amount of 786 million AMD was registered, from which 410 million AMD were restored, and the preliminary investigation by criminal case is still in process.


These indicators show that during the previous year, besides detecting corruption crimes for military criminal prosecution bodies, the priority was given to the completion of the investigated criminal cases, avoidance  of unnecessary delays of proceedings.


In addition, a significant importance was attached to circumstances conducive to the commission of corruption crimes, the elimination of causes, and the increase in the effectiveness of control over the receipt, storage and use of material assets in various units of the Armed Forces. For this purpose, 195 petitions and messages were presented by the prosecutors to the state bodies, as a result of the review of which measures were taken to resolve the issues raised, as well as fines were imposed on the officials and military personnel who committed violations.


Substantial work was carried out in the Armed Forces in the context of the implementation of prosecutorial functions to protect state interests. In particular, regarding the protection of state interests during 2019, 400 studies were conducted, during which 230 violations were detected. They mainly related to the areas of weapons, military medicine and housing of troops. Moreover, it should be noted that compared to 2018 as a result of studies carried out more in 2019, by 27.3% fewer violations were detected, which indicates the work carried out by the competent authorities regarding the elimination of causes of such violations, detected by studies conducted earlier by the prosecutors of the Military Prosecutor's Office.


In general, within the framework of the studies, damage caused to the state in the amount of about 12 million AMD was registered, which exceeds the result of 2018 for 6 times (about 2 billion AMD) or is equal to the total amount of damage registered in 2013-2018.


By applying exclusively the means of the prosecutorial influence, damage in the amount of 1.2 billion AMD was restored. To restore about 10.2 billion AMD left from the property damage caused to the state, measures are being taken within the framework of criminal cases.