18.02.2020 | The number of crimes committed by minors was increased in Ararat Region. The Prosecutor's Office of the Region took measures

Studies of the Prosecutor's Office of Ararat Region indicate that the number of crimes committed by minors in the region is growing dynamically. In particular, if in the region during 2018 27 cases of crime were committed by 19 minors, then during 2019 34 crimes were committed by 27 minors. That is, the number of minors who committed a crime was increased by 42%, and the number of cases of crimes by 26%.


From 27 minors who committed the crime, 12 attend general education schools. At the same time, crimes in 6 episodes were committed by 5 minors in the territory of the school. Moreover, from these crimes 3 were committed during the lesson, and 1 - with the use of a knife.


From the registered 34 crimes in terms of severity, 22 were not very grave, 8 were of medium gravity, 3 - grave and 1 – particularly grave crime. At the same time during 2018 particularly grave crime wasn’t recorded. By the mentioned cases, 6 criminal cases against 9 people in 12 episodes with the indictment were sent to court. By the materials prepared on the basis of 26 cases the initiation of criminal case on non-acquittal grounds was rejected.


Statistics show that in parallel with an increase in the number of crimes committed by minors in the region, the age threshold of minors who have committed criminal acts changes. More dangerous is that, based on the materials of the criminal case, in the roots of the commission of criminal acts are elements and thinking typical to the criminal subculture.


The analyzes carried out in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Region make it possible to conclude that the number of crimes committed by minors is increasing due to improperly carrying out the  functions to prevent crimes by employees of the Divisions of Cases of Minors and Prevention of Domestic Violence, and not paying visits to schools during classes and low level of cooperation between the specified divisions and schools. Insufficient supervision over the education, upbringing and behavior of minors by school leaders, the teaching staff and the relevant units of Marzpetaran of Ararat Region contributed to the increase in the number. Besides, the implementation of insufficient work in identifying the causes and conditions contributing to the commission of the crime is also essential.


Taking into account the need for urgent measures arising from the situation, the Prosecutor of Ararat Region presented a petition to Marzpet of Ararat Region - G. Sargsyan, Head of the Department for Minors and Fight against Domestic Violence of the RA Police - N. Duryan, Head of the Investigation Department of Ararat Region of the RA IC - A. Grigoryan and Deputy Head of the Department of Ararat Region of the RA Police – A. Matevosyan.


It was proposed, within the competence of each agency, to take measures to prevent further deterioration of crime state of minors in the region, to strengthen the control of the competent authorities regarding the behavior of more risky minors, educational institutions, in the direction of application of substantive mechanisms of interaction between these state circles and inform about the results to the Prosecutor's Office in the manner prescribed by Art. 200 of the RA CPC.