30.12.2019 | By the case of unlawful alienation through auctions of adjacent territories of "Meghri Free Economic Zone" CJSC a bill of indictment was drawn up

On the basis of the materials prepared by the Department of Combating Corruption and Economic Activities of the General Department on Combating Organized Crime of the RA Police, on 12.02.2019 under Part 1 of Article 308 of the RA Criminal Code and Part 1 of Article 314 of the RA Criminal Code, a criminal case was initiated concerning the case of  unlawful alienation of adjacent territories of "Meghri Free Economic Zone" CJSC of Karchevan community of Syunik Region through auctions.


Under the proper prosecutorial supervision, as a result of large-scale investigative, operational-search actions carried out during the preliminary investigation, the former head and secretary of Karchevan community were charged with 2 episodes under Part 1 of Art. 314 of the RA Criminal Code.


By the combination of sufficient evidence acquired by the criminal case it was justified that the head of the specified community, in order to fulfill at all costs the desire of a person speaking on behalf of the RA authorities who intends to create a free economic zone on the territory of the community, being the organizer of the auction to alienate the community’s land plot without the organization of the actual auction in compliance with the requirements of the RA Law, through the secretary of the staff of the municipality, made and presented to the company representative for signing the applications (24.07.2014  and 22.07.2014) regarding participation in the auction, as well as protocols on the sale of land plot through an auction. As a result, in violation of the requirements of the RA Law “On Public Bidding”, without actually organizing the auction, by drawing up false official documents regarding the results and its process, about 32 hectares of land plot was alienated.


On the basis of the evidence obtained under Art. 38-314 of the RA Criminal Code, charges were brought against a representative of a company participating in the auction and a person formally participating in the auction as a second person.


According to the factual data acquired during the preliminary investigation, it was justified that the mentioned land plots were alienated illegally, and under these conditions a corresponding letter was sent to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia in order to declare the results of the indicated auctions invalid.


Оn 09.08.2019 the prosecutor exercising the procedural control approved the indictment drawn up by the investigator conducting the proceedings, and the criminal case was sent to the court of general jurisdiction of Syunik region for consideration on the merits.


According to the results of the trial, on 26.12.2019 the court rendered a guilty verdict, and according to the verdict, the defendants were pleaded guilty.