26.12.2019 | Investment issues of electronic justice (e-justice) was discussed in the RA General Prosecutor's Office

The RA Deputy Prosecutor General Armen Harutyunyan met a group of experts of UN Development Program (UNDP).


During the meeting the implementation of the electronic justice system, digitization of the criminal justice system, the models to be implemented within the framework of the Public Sector Modernization Program, the models to be implemented, the potential problems arising from the introduction of a unified system, and the opportunity for criminal trial participants to use e-justice tools were discussed.


The RA Deputy Prosecutor General, welcoming the guests, stated that the RA Prosecutor's Office is actively involved in the reform processes aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the criminal justice system and attaches high importance to the cooperation established with international partner organizations in different formats.


The approaches of inter-agency committee, the vision of electronic justice, legislative and institutional initiatives implemented in this direction were presented.


Armen Harutyunyan noted that the investment of the electronic system for conducting criminal proceedings is envisaged to be implemented in parallel with the adoption of the new Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Armenia. And currently, the experience of different countries is being studied for that purpose, and measures are being undertaken to develop more comprehensive technical task.


The members of the expert group attached special importance to the active involvement of the Prosecutor's Office in this process.


In terms of ensuring the effectiveness of the electronic justice system, they emphasized the provision of solutions that will ensure harmony and interconnection between the pre-trial and trial electronic platforms, as well as facilitate the enhancement and supervision over the legality of criminal proceedings.


Other issues related to the methodological and expert support of the process were also raised during the meeting.