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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

14.12.2019 | The prosecutor of Aragatsotn region of the Republic of Armenia - Sargis Mnatsakanyan summed up the results of the activities of the prosecutor's office of region for 2019

In the context of the ongoing criminal legal fight against corruption in Aragatsotn region of the Republic of Armenia over the past 11 months of this year, 22 cases of corruption crimes were registered, 4 of which were in educational institutions and 18 in local self-government bodies. By 21 was initiated a criminal case, and by 1 the initiation of criminal case was refused as a result of the restoration of the damage. Detected cases of corruption crimes were committed in previous years, and the damage caused to the state amounted to about 25.2 million AMD, and 11.2 million AMD were restored. As for the rest, impact measures were applied.


In the field of protecting state interests, the problem of non-compliance with environmental protection payment obligations of 35 mining companies operating in the region was emphasized. As a result of the application of prosecutorial measures, companies that did not fulfill this obligation returned 4.6 million AMD.


The state of compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of environmental protection and water supply was also examined. As a result, for example, on the occasion of the theft of an especially large amount (about 72 million AMD) by appropriation by the responsible of water user “Talin” a criminal case was initiated by the deputy prosecutor of the region under Point 1 of Part 3 of Art. 179 of the RA Criminal Code and it was sent to carry out the preliminary investigation.


The prosecutor's office the region focused on the proper implementation of prosecutorial powers in the fight against domestic violence. Prosecutors supervising the legality over the registration and process of cases of violence in the family registered in 2019 met with  alleged victims of violence. As a result, by 2 cases, it was found out that the victim was dependent on the offender, and in the absence of a complaint, prosecutors with the use of their powers entrusted to them under part 4 of Art. 183 the RA CPC initiated criminal cases.


In the territory of the region, compared with last year, cases of bandit attacks have been declined, and there is an active fight against drug trafficking. Taking into account the fact, the penitentiary institution “Kosh” of the RA Ministry of Justice is located in the region, as a result of measures taken in 2019 for 11 months 6 criminal cases were initiated regarding the illegal sale of drugs in the penitentiary institution.


Burglaries and cattle theft remain a problem for the prosecutor's office of the region. Despite the fact that the indicator for detecting these crimes has increased, however, the main factor hindering the effectiveness remains the circumstance of delay of transfer of information about the vast majority of crimes to the police.


In order to increase the effectiveness of operational investigative works in this direction, on the basis of instruction of the RA Prosecutor General, the prosecutor of the region held an operational meeting, and the relevant instructions were given to the Head of the Regional Department of the RA Police. On the basis of a petition presented by the prosecutor of the region to Marzpet of Aragatsotn region, the problem was also considered during the meeting of community leaders, and the community leaders expressed their willingness to assist the law enforcement bodies of the region in preventative works.


Increased number of road accidents also remain a problem. Compared to the same period of the last year, the number of cases has increased by 18 or about 33 percent, and as a result, fatal cases have increased by 2 or 14 percent (16-14). Almost half of the road accidents occurred in the construction part of the North-South Road Corridor - 29 cases, and as a result 6 people died. The corresponding petition was presented by the prosecutor of the region to the Head of the Regional Unit of the Traffic Police with a view to strengthen service in the territories of road accidents.