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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

12.12.2019 | Over the past two years, 543 people were identified who received a salary without attending work in state institutions. Damage caused by criminal cases amounted to about 1.4 billion AMD

As previously reported, the RA Prosecutor General's Office pays special attention to the measures aimed at identifying corruption schemes related to working relations in educational institutions, as well as in the local self-government bodies of the RA, organizations under their subordination, as well as aimed at identifying the circle of people involved in them.


In the course of the analysis carried out by the Department for Combating Corruption Crimes of the Prosecutor General's Office of the RA, it was proved that regarding employees registered in local self-government bodies of the Republic of Armenia, organizations under their subordination, but who did not actually visited the workplace and theft of salaries or other corruption cases, from 01.01.2018 to 20.11.2019 by the competent authorities of the Republic of Armenia, including the territorial divisions of the prosecutor’s office, 254 criminal cases were initiated. From which 129, or about 51%, concerned workers registered in educational, mainly general educational institutions.


From these criminal cases, the proceedings of 51 were suspended on non-acquittal grounds, from which 35 were regarding the educational institutions. With respect to 43 people, 29 cases with indictment were sent to court, out of which 11 cases concerning 13 people were regarding the educational institutions.


The study proved that schematic corruption was mainly manifested in the fact that, as a rule, on different full-time or part-time positions in technical institutions are appointed people who are related with the heads of these organizations or who are in friendly, family and other relations with them. The latter, in fact, for a long time either do not attend work or do not fulfill their duties. There are cases when people are accepted for work and after a short time period, under the conditions of not visiting the work they are given leave for antenatal and postnatal care. Then, these bodies, heads of institutions, with the help of employees performing the relevant functions, by performing forgery in the time sheet, enter false data on the performance of their duties and regular attendance during this period, on the basis of which they are paid salaries which are stolen by squandering or embezzlement.


In particular, by the initiated 254 criminal cases, 543 people were identified. From them 222 people were registered as employees of educational institutions.


According to the preliminary estimates, the damage caused by the crime amounted to about 1.390.329.391 AMD and from this amount the damage caused to the state was AMD and to the communities - 355.075.748 AMD.


415.555.554 AMD were recovered from the damage caused to the state, and 93.233.387 AMD from the damage caused to the communities.


The RA Prosecutor General instructed to intensify the work of bodies carrying out operational-search measures within the framework of the functions of the prosecutor's office, with the aim of verifying the possible forgery in the documents, identifying the circle of responsible people, ensuring the process of criminal procedure. It was also instructed to apply measures of prosecutorial supervision aimed at eliminating the causes and conditions contributing to crimes of this nature.


By the designated areas, by ensuring results, the RA Prosecutor's Office will continue the aforementioned vicious practice, which has become widespread, and consistency in eliminating corruption mechanisms.