04.12.2019 | Criminal cases of seemingly committed corruption abuses in the communities of Tavush region

Division of Noyemberyan of Tavush regional department of the RA Police prepared materials by the order and under the procedural supervision of the prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of Tavush Region, showing that the head of Ayrum community of Tavush region of the RA, having learned in early 2019 that the resident of the settlement Ayrum built an unauthorized construction on the underground gas pipeline running through the back of the "Chamber of Culture", deliberately did not apply measures of administrative responsibility provided for by the legislation for administrative offenses.


Besides, he allowed a resident of Vanadzor to legalize a construction having an essential importance for underground municipal water pipeline in Ayrum community. In the result, the latter received a certificate of state registration of the right to real estate.


According to the above-mentioned a criminal case was initiated under Article 308, Part 1 and Article 3152 of the RA Criminal Code and Part 1 of of the RA Criminal Code was initiated, which was sent to the Tavush Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee for conducting a preliminary investigation.


In order to identify the circumstances of detection of limestone in a dump truck of KAMAZ brand, it was stopped in Ijevan and moved to the special protected territory of Tavush regional division of RA Police on November 16, 2019, based on the materials prepared in Ijevan Department of Police, it was reported that the driver of the truck, not having a contract for the use of ground resources in accordance with the procedure established by law, for a long time with the use of a digging excavator illegally exported limestone from the resources located at the end of the district of Metaghagortsner, Ijevan city for a long time.  


At the site containing limestone resources, examination was carried out and it was determined that the extracted area includes about 3000 sq.m. area, it has a two grade depth of about 15m, and there are two earthmoving excavators at the site. In order to identify the scale of illegal stone mining and the damage caused to the state, a letter was sent to the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of the Republic of Armenia to carry out appropriate measurements with the help of surveyors.


Taking into account the fact that the prepared materials may contain data containing signs of criminal acts of violation of the rules of protection and use of underground resources, in fact, a criminal case was initiated under Article 291, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code in the Prosecutor's Office of Tavush region. Tavush regional department of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia was charged with the preliminary investigation of the criminal case. The preliminary investigation was launched, during which the circumstances of the failure of the municipal bodies to state the fact of extraction, which was carried out for a long time, and the failure to take appropriate measures based on it, will also be revealed. 


In general, 12 criminal cases related to the criminal acts of corruption committed by the heads of different communities of the region, officials of municipalities and responsible persons of municipal subordinate institutions or their involvement are currently being considered under the procedural supervision or control of prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of the region Tavush Republic of Armenia, and one more criminal case with an indictment was sent to the court. Particularly, it is about communities Azatamut, Achajur, Artsvaberd, Varagavan, Ijevan, Koghb, Kirantc, Gandzasar, Khashtarak, Tsaghkavan, Lusadzor and Ayrum.


Within the framework of the mentioned criminal cases criminal cases were initiated against 7 people (including 4 former heads of communities) for possible provision of the sums from the community budget as the help on names of inhabitants of the community, commitment of plunder in the process of granting of seed wheat to farms under the state program, granting of wages to persons without performance of working duties by fulfillment of official forgery and appropriation, embezzlement of these sums, non-acceptance of unauthorized constructions, non-acceptance of measures of administrative responsibility, unauthorized capture of the ground areas, deliberate non-acceptance measures against illegal constructions and committing other crimes. The total damage caused to the state in the scope of these criminal cases amounted to more than 44 million AMD. In order to recover the damages caused, the property of the accused was seized in all cases.