29.11.2019 | Six nursery schools belonging to the community of Alaverdi were illegally alienated, then again alienated at a price several times higher. Criminal case was initiated

By the materials prepared under the direct control of the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office of Lori Eegion factual data were obtained concerning the abuses committed by officials in the process of alienation of the buildings of 6 nursery schools owned by Alaverdi community.


On 14.11.2019 by the instruction of the Prosecutor of Lori Region to prepare materials, documents and the letter addressed to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Region by Marzpet of Lori - A. Ghukasyan were sent to the Tumanyan Division of the Department of Lori Region of the RA Police regarding the alienation of buildings of 6 nursery schools and damage caused to the legitimate interests of the community as a result of unlawful decisions rendered by the community leader during 2003-2005․


During the preparation of the materials, factual data were obtained that the competent officials of Alaverdi Municipality, on the basis of  group interests of the alienation of the buildings of 6 nursery schools owned by the community, false conclusions on the assessment drawn up by an individual entrepreneur regarding the real value of buildings, during 2003-2005 by the violation of the requirements of legislation alienated the indicated property. Then part of the buildings was sold to other people, and in respect of another part of the alienated property, the ownership of other people was registered. As a result, damage was caused to the community.


As a result of the alienation of buildings provided for the organization of a preschool educational institution, further the effectiveness of the organization of preschool and extracurricular education in the community, harmonious and comprehensive development, education and upbringing of the child has been significantly decreased. Thus, significant damage was caused to the community and the legitimate interests of the state.


Concerning the fact, under the direct control of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of the Region, a criminal case was initiated under Part 1 of Art. 314, Part 2 of Art. 214 and Part 2 of Art. 308 of the RA Criminal Code. For conducting the preliminary investigation, the criminal case was sent to the Investigative Department of Lori Region.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.