28.11.2019 | Significant results in the fight against burglaries in Tavush region

At the beginning of 2019, by the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, the territorial subdivisions of the prosecutor's office took practical measures with a view to increase the effectiveness of the fight against burglaries in the republic and improve indicators for detecting crimes.


In particular, in Tavush region, apartments that were targeted and risky for committing burglaries were mapped and concretized, measures were taken to equip the entrance doors of buildings with special coded locks. It was envisaged to increase the number of cameras, which might be important to increase the effectiveness of the prevention and detection of other crimes. And in those territories where there were many private houses, it was decided to strengthen the patrol service.


After the implementation of the planned activities, as well as the instructions given during the first 9 months of 2019, in the administrative territories served by the divisions of Tavush region of the RA Police, at crossroads leading to multi-apartment buildings, in squares, entertainment centers and other necessary places 508 cameras were installed, and some of the cameras that were installed earlier were used by police units, and the other part was installed by private sector due to the explanatory works of police officers. In particular, during 2019, 36 cameras were installed in Dilijan, 19 in Berd, 40 in Noyemberyan and 96 in Ijevan.


In addition to that, in Ijevan city in 13 places another 19 cameras were installed by the police and 1 single network was created with a control center through which direct monitoring was carried out.


As a result, within 9 months of 2018-2019 a positive shift was recorded in connection with the detection of cases of burglaries. In particular, if in 2018 out of 17 registered cases of burglaries 4 cases were detected, or 23.5 percent, then in 2019, 15 cases were registered, out of which 10 or 66.6% were detected. Compared to the previous year, the number of cases was decreased by 2, and the detection rate was improved by 43.2%.


At the same time, in some cases, the installed cameras were of key importance, during the investigation of which the investigating body was able to find out the perpetrators of the crime.


In the mentioned field works are still in process. In cooperation with the municipal authorities, measures are also being taken to equip the entrance doors of buildings with coded locks.