13.11.2019 | The prosecutor of Lori region has turned to marzpet of Lori region concerning the elimination of construction violations in the areas of energy security and the safety of people in these areas

In the course of a study of criminal cases, initiated under the procedural lead of prosecutors of prosecutor’s office of Lori region, it has been found out that in some cases local self-government bodies have legalized unauthorized structures built in energy security zones, thereby creating a real threat to life and health of people living there .


Back in 2009, the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia has initiated the formation of working groups together with the employees of the territorial subdivisions of the company “Electric Networks of Armenia” to inventory problems of electric safety and prevent the construction of illegal buildings in the security zones. Working groups formed in Lori region have conducted studies in seven communities of the region. As a result, it has been found out that, 73 constructions with different violations have been built in the energy security zone of Stepanavan community, and in case of 71 constructions no measures have been taken to eliminate the violations in future. Moreover, in some cases, without elimination of violations, the local self-government bodies have carried out the process of legalization of unauthorized buildings located in these zones.


It has been found out that violation of the airline security zones can also be eliminated without dismantling of building by replacing the electricity power line passing through the section with a cable line or ensuring the transit of power lines in the relevant sections.


According to the letter received from “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC, on the basis of the RA Government Decision No. 1102-Ն of 03․06․2004 "On measures to ensure safe operation of energy facilities" violation of the safety zones of airlines should be eliminated and / or at the expense of the person from the local self-government bodies who has committed the violation.


Taking into account that officials from local-self government bodies haven’t taken measures to eliminate violations in the energy security zones and as a result, the dangers threatening to life, health, property, and the environment of people living in these zones haven’t been neutralized, the prosecutor Garegin Manukyan has turned to marzpet of Lori region. The prosecutor has offered that local-self government bodies take measures, within the framework of professional and legal supervision of marzpetaran over the exercise of powers delegated by the state to exclude such phenomena, exclude further legalization of unauthorized structures with violations of energy security zones and eliminate violations found in this area. And if there are decisions that are contrary to the legislation, to offer the council of elders and the community leader to eliminate or change them.


By the petition, the prosecutor of region has also proposed to consider, within the jurisdiction of the marzpetaran (by ensuring cooperation between local-self government bodies and the ENA) the possibility of taking comprehensive measures to neutralize the danger to health and life of people in these areas.