05.11.2019 | Visit of the delegation, head by Military Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia came to an end

The delegation of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia headed by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia, Military Prosecutor Vahe Harutyunyan paid a working visit to the Russian Federation.


In the context of the exchange of experience, the Armenian delegation was informed about the military law enforcement system of the Russian Federation, mechanisms for monitoring the application of legislation in military units, criminal prosecution in the framework of pre-trial and judicial proceedings in military cases, the activities of military courts, the functional and structural features of the military prosecutor's office of the Western Military District as well as   training system for military lawyers and personnel of the military prosecutor's office.


In the scope of the visit, the RA Deputy Prosecutor General and Military Prosecutor Vahe Harutyunyan met the Valeri Petrov, Chief Military Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in Moscow. During the meeting issues related with the improvement of cooperation between the military prosecutors of the two countries were discussed.


The RA Military Prosecutor Vahe Harutyunyan expressed his gratitude to the Russian colleagues for the substantive and full of further plans invitation, he noted that the mutually formed legal and contractual basement provides sufficient preconditions for the development of relations between the two countries in the legal sphere.


“The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia, as a body supervising the inquiry and preliminary investigation, has carried out and oversees the provision of the requirements set by the law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Armenia by bilateral agreements, treaties and and Conventions.


I am sure that the fulfillment of these obligations will have bilateral nature, as this visit showed, it will increase the efficiency of work between the legal systems of the two countries and resolve problems that have arisen during the implementation of legal obligations adopted by bilateral agreements”, - said Vahe Harutyunyan.


The RA military prosecutor added that the organization of meeting in such a format promotes the development and strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of criminal prosecution between the Prosecutor's Offices of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, which will make it possible more effectively resist the challenges in the field of criminal prosecution.


In this context, the RA Military Prosecutor invited his Russian colleague to visit Armenia in 2020.


The chief military prosecutor of the Russian Federation Valeri Petrov noted that Russia and Armenia are united by a stable system of multilateral relations, which is highly effective both in bilateral and multilateral relations, in particular in the scope of the CIS, CSTO and Eurasean Economic Union. The latter fosters the cooperation between two countries in military and technical relations. In this scope Mr. Petrov expressed confidence that the visit of the Armenian delegation to the Russian Federation will become a new inducement to convey the relations between law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in the military sphere of the two countries to a qualitatively new level.


Other issues of mutual interest were also discussed.