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04.11.2019 | The Armenian winners and prize-winners of the international youth competition of anti-corruption social advertisement have become know

The results of the Armenian Youth Competition of anti-corruption social advertisement 2019 "Together against corruption" have been summed up.


Within the framework of the CIS Interstate Council for Combating Corruption, National Jury of Armenia, which, apart from representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia, who are the organizers of the competition, also includes well-known representatives of public organizations specialized in the fight against corruption in two nominations "The Best Poster" and they have chosen the works that took the first, second and third prizes.


Besides, according to the decision of the Armenian jury, the best work in the nomination "The Best Video" has been chosen “Where money speaks, the conscience keeps silent” represented by students of Armenian-Russian University: Anna Sarukhanyan and Luiza Melkonyan.   


The second prize was awarded to the non-governmental organization “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” for the clip “The fight against corruption starts from you”. And the thirds prize was awarded to Artyom Aghasaryan from the Armenian State Pedagogical University for his work titled “Let’s clean the world from corruption”.


Three nominations for “The Best Poster” were awarded to the students of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Particularly, Voskehat Tadevosyan won the first prize “The End of Corruption” and Silvi Yeranosyan won the second and third prizes, accordingly, for the posters “Game is over” and “Fake values”.


The poster and video awarded for the first prize were chosen to submit to the international jury which will choose the international winners and nominees from all the state parties’ best works. The results of the competitions will be summed up by 15 of November.


It’s worth mentioning that 14-35 years old citizens, creative groups from member states of the CIS Interstate Council for Combating Corruption: Armenia, Belarus, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as BRICS member-states: India, Brazil, PRC, the Republic of South Africa should prepare and post on the official site the posters of the social advertisements and videos on the subject “Together against corruption”.


The authors should express their imaginations in a special, typical, correct and impressive way about the corruption as an intolerable social, public phenomenon, the fight against it, negative consequences, the expectations and requirements of the society in the fight against corruption, as well as international cooperation in this field.


It is already the second year in a raw the competition is held especially involving the youth, rejecting the any kind of corruption within the society, fighting uncompromisingly and promoting the idea of unity regarding that issue.