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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

01.11.2019 | Numerous cases have been identified in relation to the maintenance of workers who have not visited the general education schools of Shirak region, but who have been paid

The Prosecutor's Office of Shirak region has reviewed the materials of criminal cases initiated concerning the corruption crimes in general education schools operating in the territory of the region within the context of taking measures to eliminate the causes and conditions contributing to these crimes.


In the course of the investigation it has been found out that there have been cases when people who have not attended at all or attended partially the work, or have not fully or partially perform their duties have been employed at schools.Despite this fact, the officials of educational institutions drew up and approved false timesheet with the content of the calculation of working hours, where false information about the attendance of these peoplehas been included.And on the basis of these false documents, under their names wages and other payments have been written out, which have been stolen by misappropriation or embezzlement.


Such things identified in the course of the investigation of criminal cases have given rise to reasonable doubt that such manifestations may be disseminated in general education or other educational institutions of the region.


On the basis of this, by the order set by Article 29 of the Law on Prosecutor's Office, for state interests, including the exercise of delegated powers, based on the discussion of the issue of filing a lawsuit on the protection of financial means directed to educational institutions, verification and study of the justification and regularity of the use of these funds, the prosecutor of Shirakregion has turned to Marzpet of Shirak region by the letter dated 14.08.2019 with a view to get the lists of staff included in the staffing tables of educational institutions operating under the control of the marzpetaran.


The received information and documents have been immediately sent to the regional department of Shirak of the RA Police with an instruction to take operative-search measures aimed at identifying the fact of people included in the listsresiding in the RA, visiting the work and carrying out the works.


As a result of taken operative-search measures, the data containing the signs of similar crimes (which relate to the non-attendance of work by the employees or the implementation of works) in 7 schools operating in the territory of the regionhave been obtained.In connection with this by the instruction of the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak region in the subdivisions of Shirak regional police department of the RA, materials have been prepared in accordance with Articles 180-181 of the RA CPC.


Taking into account the fact that such situation may have a wider spread and geography, by the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General, such studies will also be initiated in all general educational institutions of the republic.As a result, in case of sufficient data, the criminal procedure order set by law will be ensured in order to provide a legal assessment of the actions of officials involved in these corruption schemes and eliminate the problem.