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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

30.10.2019 | Significant results in the fight against illegal logging in Tavush Region and corruption crimes in this field

The Prosecutor's Office of Tavush Region has summed up the state of legality of the preliminary investigation of criminal cases initiated on the occasion of illegal logging during the first 9 months of 2019 and works with a view to detect and prevent such crimes.


A comparative analysis of trends shows that during the indicated period the number of both criminal cases initiated in connection with illegal logging and those sent to court has been increased. Only from 01.01.2019 to 16.10.2019, under the procedural lead of prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office of Tavush Region 107 criminal cases have been initiated in connection with illegal logging, and from these cases 22 against 23 people have been sent to courts of the first instance of the general jurisdiction of Tavush Region. At the same time, during 2018, 109 criminal cases have been initiated on the basis of this corpus delicti. And the number of cases sent to court has been increased by 24% (17 criminal cases against 22 people). From these cases with the indictments reviewed in court during the first 9 months of this year, 19 criminal cases concerning 20 people have been completed.


The main reason for the increase in the number of criminal cases initiated concerning the cases of illegal logging is not the increase of cases of illegal logging, but the efficiency of registration and detection of such cases. The criminal policy in this field, improvement of the mechanisms for supervising the process of detecting cases of illegal logging and timber transportation, the use of new principles for counting damage in cases of illegal logging, as well as a consistent fight against corruption crimes by law enforcement bodies have contributed to the above-mentioned.


In particular, for the indicated period, under the procedural lead of prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of Tavush Region, 18 criminal cases have been initiated and investigated concerning  the illegal logging and official crimes. In particular, 14 have been initiated on the occasion of illegal logging and official negligence, 3 - abuse of powers, 1 - receiving a bribe. Within the framework of the mentioned criminal cases, 9 officials of “Hayantar” SNCO and “Dilijan National Park” SNCO have been charged for official negligence, 4 cases have been sent to court. Concerning the facts of abuses committed between June and October 2018, 1 official of “Hayantar” SNCO (Ijevan branch) has been charged under Part 1 of Art. 311, Part 3 of Art. 311 and Part 4 of Art. 311 of the RA Criminal Code.


In order to increase the efficiency of the fight against corruption crimes in the process of illegal tree cutting, the Prosecutor's Office conducts punitive policy by criminal cases sent to court. As a rule, taking into account the peculiarities connected with cases and the defendants, the prosecutors’ request, in addition to the main punishments, to impose additional punishments in the form of deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or being engaged in certain activities.


Also, measures are being taken to restore damage caused to the legitimate interests of the state. In particular, within the framework of criminal cases sent to court from 01.01.2019 to 15.10.2019, from the amount of damage (17 million AMD) caused to nature, 6.7 million AMD have already been restored in the process of pre-trial proceedings. And as for the rest of the amount, the movable and immovable property of the accused is seized.