19.10.2019 | Prosecutors had discussions with school-children of general and special education institutions of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative districts

The RA Prosecutor General’s Office, the territorial subdivisions of the RA Prosecutor’s Office continue active works with the juvenile in the fight against crime in the context of criminal policy directed at offences committed by juvenile or with the participation of juvenile, crime prevention, elimination of the causes and conditions aimed at raising the legal awareness of the younger generation.


Within this framework, in particular, on the initiative of the Prosecutor's Office of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts of Yerevan, prosecutors of the aforementioned administrative districts have conducted a series of meetings on juvenile and domestic violence with police officers in the Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts of Yerevan in a number of education and special institutions operating in Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun districts.


Meetings titled "Citizen's legitimate behavior as a precondition for state development", "Citizen as bearer of rights and responsibilities" as well as "Rule of law as a basis for state development" were held in High School N 54, Basic School N 129 of Yerevan, the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School with the schoolchildren and teaching staff. During these discussions, issues of special importance such as the concepts of right and obligation and their impact on human beings or their behavior, the role of law and law as a regulator of citizen behavior and their value for the society and the state, the rule of law as fundamental constitutional principle were touched upon.


Prosecutors and police officers have also visited to the "Zatik" orphanage operating in the administrative district. During the meeting with the schoolchildren importance was attached to the lawful behavior of citizens, the need to ensure law and order in public relations, the attitude towards the law, the inevitability of responsibility, the perception of law.


During all the meetings, the prosecutors emphasized the necessity to avoid the formation of criminal behavior and the negative impulses motivating juvenile delinquency. Schoolchildren were informed about the legal consequences of committing crimes, the peculiarities of juvenile delinquency, and the safeguards of protecting their rights in the scope of criminal proceedings.


The meetings went in an active dialogue format, during which the schoolchildren gave questions of interest, in particular regarding charge, criminal law and criminal proceedings, role of the citizen and society in the fight against crime, etc.


Emphasizing the preventive, educational and fostering importance of such discussions, an agreement was reached to make them regular.