14.10.2019 | RA Prosecutor's Office has initiated the process of developing a strategy to combat crime

Analysis of crime indicators and the disclosure of crimes of recent years suggest that crimes are not only and not so quantitatively changed, but also qualitatively. The causes of crime and the conditions conducive to them have changed, and the mechanisms for their commission have been improved. Crime has become more systematic and more organized, which is primarily due to the improvement of modern technologies and methods. Such crime trends create the need for new means of counteraction, cooperation between law enforcement agencies, in the context of transnational crimes, as well as international cooperation, formation of a new culture of intolerance to criminal behavior in society.


Based on the above-mentioned, the RA Prosecutor General's Office has initiated the process of developing a strategy to combat crime in the Republic of Armenia, as noted in the report on the activities of 2018 of the RA Prosecutor's Office sent to the RA National Assembly. The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has also stated this in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, noting that the prosecutor’s office considers that one of the main priorities of its criminal policy is to develop a strategy for combating crime.


To this end, the international experience which is based on the strategic framework for the fight against crime is currently being studied, having ideas for a systematic approach, the unity of the fight against crime and the use of a wide range of tools to provide a particularly preventive component.


The responsibility for combating crime rests primarily on law enforcement agencies, but it cannot be effective without public involvement and initiative.


For this reason, the RA Prosecutor General's Office hopes that interested professional circles, public organizations specialized in this field will be involved in the process of developing a strategy for combating crime, presenting their ideas and concrete proposals regarding this.