02.10.2019 | The RA Prosecutor General took part in the session of the Prosecutors General of Member-States of CIS in Bishkek

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan took part in the 29th session of the Coordination Council of Prosecutors' General of member-states of the CIS in Bishkek.


During the session the participants have discussed the results of 2018 cooperation programs of the SCO member-states against crimes of corruption, trafficking, illegal migration, extremism expressed with terrorism and other forms of violence, the results of the cooperation against the crimes committed by means of information technologies, the duration of implementation, as well as the plans for the joint struggle against crime in 2019-2023. During the session the practice and experience of modernization of the procedural bases of law enforcement activities in CIS member states, return of stolen assets and efficiency of prosecutorial functions in other spheres, progress of international cooperation were presented.


In the scope this session the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has presented the steps taken by the Prosecutor's Office of Armenia on the initiative of the RA Prosecutor's Office on the ECHR decisions against Armenia and other states, in the result of comprehensive examination of the domestic law practice and their results in order to provide grounds for the court's motion to choose detention as a preventive means in Armenia.


“By comparing the previous year, in 2018 the initiated criminal cases increased in 22% but detention as a preventive means is chosen less, it decreased by 217 or by 20% (in 2017-1087, in 2018-870). At the same time, the use of pledge as an alternative means to detention has increased by 63%, especially related with the examination of extensions of detention”, said Artur Davtyan, adding that Armenia is ready to share experience with partner countries.


The RA Prosecutor General also participated in the 17th session of the General Prosecutors of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states in Bishkek, where Armenia has the status of a dialogue partner. The mechanisms of strengthening cooperation between the participating and partner countries in the fight against smuggling, trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were discussed in the scope of the agenda of the session.


In his speech, Arthur Davtyan touched upon the main difficulties of combating these dangerous and other crimes at the domestic and transnational levels as well as the systematic measures undertaken in the Republic of Armenia to overcome them. Particularly, the RA Prosecutor General noted that in the framework of systematic measures stemming from the RA National Security Strategy, the effectiveness of the fight against this type of crime has significantly improved in the previous years, which has resulted in the detection and seizure of a large number of narcotic drugs intended for transit.


During his visit to Bishkek, the RA Prosecutor General had separate meetings with the heads of delegations of the partner countries, the Prosecutors General, during which they discussed issues related to cooperation in the field of legal assistance, cooperation between prosecutorial structures and capacities.


In the result of the bilateral meeting between Artur Davtyan and the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Nigmatilla Yuldashev, it was signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Prosecutor General’s Offices of the two countries on information exchange for crime and other issues, legal consultations, increasing the efficiency of the communication in the framework of investigations on extradition and extradition requests, as well as conduction of mutual scientific and practical events.