09.09.2019 | Within the framework of the function of state interest’s protection, the prosecutor's office has detected damage inflicted to the state in the amount of about 24.7 billion AMD

Within the framework of function to initiate a lawsuit for state interests protection for the 1st half of 2019, 440 investigations have been carried out by departments of the RA Prosecutor’s Office in various fields regarding state interests protection, as a result of which 454 violations have been detected.


Most of the studies have been conducted in the areas of compliance with environmental legislation, in particular the protection of forests and subsoil, as well as in the fields of education and science, state social insurance and social security. The prosecutors have warned 194 legal and physical entities about the restoration of damage caused to the state interests, as a result of which more than 385 million AMD have been voluntarily returned to the state budget, and most of which have been returned as a result of work done by the military prosecutor's office of the Republic of Armenia.


According to the results of the studies, 58 reports have also been submitted to state bodies regarding the adoption of measures to restore the damage caused to the state, if necessary, to initiate lawsuits for state interest’s protection.


It is worth mentioning that during the indicated period, out of the 44 lawsuits presented by prosecutors of state interest’s protection, 42 or 95% have been satisfied in the amount of 191 million AMD.


In connection with violations, corruption and other criminal manifestations, in the context of the function of state interests protection by prosecutors or on the basis of investigations by the prosecutor's office, 136 criminal cases have been initiated by the inquiry or preliminary investigation bodies.


Violations of a criminal nature have mainly been found out while using subsoil, in the field of illegal deforestation, major repairs at certain state facilities, alienation of state and public property, illegal fishing, alienation of property of Dzora Hydroelectric Power Station CJSC, purchase of agricultural pesticides for needs of the state, reconstruction of substations and buildings of High-Voltage Electric Networks CJSC, in the field of civil aviation, the implementation of the procurement process for various goods, work and services in other areas.


During the first half of the year, in the result of studies carried out by the divisions of the prosecutor’s office in this area, the damage caused to the state has been amounted to more than 24.7 billion AMD, and more than 1 billion 216 million AMD have been recovered within the framework of the initiated criminal cases.


For comparison, we should note that for the same period of 2018, according to the criminal cases initiated in this area and sent to the investigative bodies, the damage caused to the state has amounted to about 2.7 billion AMD, which is almost 10 times less.