05.09.2019 | For the first half of 2019 the indicator on the detection of corruption crimes has been increased by 70 percent in Kotayk Region of the Republic of Armenia

22 criminal cases concerning corruption cases have been initiated under the procedural lead and prosecutorial supervision of the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office Kotayk Region during the first 6 months of this year. This indicator has been increased by 9, or about 70 percent, compared to the same period of the last year (13 criminal cases have been initiated in 2018).


From the detected corruption cases 12 have been registered in the field of local authorities, 5 - in the field of education, 2 - in the field of healthcare, 1 - regarding the former Minister of Territorial Administration, 1 - regarding the forestry official of Hrazdan and 1 - regarding the employees of the passport department.


Flagrant corruption crimes have been mainly expressed in the form of embezzlement or misappropriation with the use of official position, large-scale damage through fraud, abuse of official powers, negligence, giving and receiving a bribe, mediation of a bribe, official forgery, and abuse of powers by the employees of a commercial or other organization.


For the first 6 months of 2019 by 48 criminal cases 35 people have been prosecuted, out of which 7 in the field of education, and 22 by the officials of state and local self-government bodies, 5 in the field of health, 1 in case concerning the crime committed in the field of the environment. Moreover, detention as a measure of restraint has been chosen against only 1 person, which has also been changed by recognizance not to leave the country.


For this period, 2 criminal cases have been sent to the court in respect of 10 people, and 3 criminal cases in respect of 3 people have been completed in court, out of which in respect of 2 a verdict has been rendered, and 1 case has been terminated on the basis of expiration of the statute of limitations.


Damage caused to the state by the corruption crimes investigated during the first half of 2019 has amounted to 507 million AMD.


Only by 1 criminal case initiated on the basis of materials received by the prosecutor’s office of the region concerning the fact of an inferior input to the budget of Hrazdan, it has been found out that the damage caused to the state has amounted to 138.001.361 AMD. And the criminal case initiated against 9 people has been sent to court.


At the same time, the prosecutor's office of Kotayk Region, within the framework of prosecutorial powers, has carried out works in the field of state interest’s protection.


As part of this function, for the first half of 2019 30 studies have been carried, out of which 28 have been carried out in the field of environment. 2 statements of claim with the requirement of confiscation of money (7.5 million AMD) have been submitted by the regional prosecutor's office with the aim of restoring the damage and their consideration is still in process.


Based on materials prepared for cases registered regarding the violations of environmental laws 12 criminal cases have been initiated.