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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

29.07.2019 | The RA General Prosecutor’s Office has sent a criminal case on corruption-related crimes at Shirak State University to the RA SIS

Since July 2018  numerous operational information was received, messages from citizens and teachers regarding corruption abuses committed by persons who previously held senior positions in Gyumri Pedagogical Institute named after Miqael Nalbandyan (Shirak State University) according to various schemes, as well as  with the assistance of other employees, as a result of which from  2011 to 2018 the interests of the specified university and state were significantly damaged.


Based on them, in the course of preparing the materials, actual data were obtained on the appropriation or embezzlement of money in large and especially large amounts by the employees of the university, the appropriation or embezzlement of money through fraud using the official position, abuse of authority, committing official forgery, receiving bribes.


Based on them, 8 criminal cases have been initiated on the grounds of paragraph 1  part 3 article 178,different parts and paragraphs of Article 179, Part 1  Article 308, Part 1 Article 314, Part 1  Article 311 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. Several criminal cases have been initiated  on the basis of new factual circumstances acquired during the preliminary investigation. Based on the need to ensure a complete, objective and comprehensive preliminary investigation of  these cases, all criminal cases were combined into one proceeding. Based on the totality of the evidence, the vice-rector of the university was charged for  committing criminal acts stipulated by paragraph 1  part 3  article 178 of the RA Criminal Code.


During the preliminary investigation, large-scale investigative actions were carried out, procedural decisions were made.


Several comprehensive examinations has been appointed. The prosecutor supervising the legality of the preliminary investigation, the body carrying out the proceedings were instructed to conduct a series of investigative and procedural actions.All documents on procurement organized at the university during 2016 - 2018 were seized. More than three dozen journals on tuition fees at Shirak State University in 2009-2013 were studied, lists of students for 2010-2018, studying in the free system, and having arrears in payment for 2010-2018.


From April 1, 2009 a check was appointed at the university, which was conducted by a group of employees of the  RA Ministry of Finance.


According to the act on the results of the audit, as well as other investigative and procedural actions taken during the preliminary investigation, a number of offenses and obvious manifestations of a crime were revealed. In particular, it turned out that in 2010 - 2011. and in 2011 - 2012 there is a difference of 372 million drams between fees collected for the academic years and transferred to the university account. In addition, 1.1 million drams collected as a result of fundraising for the restoration of the destroyed territories in Artsakh, carried out in accordance with the decision of the ShSU administration on 04/21/2016, were not reflected in the financial statements of ShSU, and the amount collected was not directed on the implementation of the intended goals.


It also turned out that, despite the fact that in 2012- 2016, for the organization of work on the production of diplomas and their applications, 5,500 drams were collected from each graduate, there is no document on the relevant registration or expenditure of these amounts in the accounts of ShSU.


It turned out that in 2013-2016 in violation of the requirements for the payment of expenses for compressed natural gas for cars operated by the university, business travelers, without the presence of appropriate individual legal acts, fuel was spent in the amount of about 10.7 million drams.


It turned out that in some cases, the amounts issued to business travelers from the university were compensated in the event that the inviting party had already reimbursed them.


There is a discrepancy in the application of discounts on tuition fees in 2010-2011  and in 2011-2012. A total of 574 cases.


Considering that, based on the results of the audit, as well as a preliminary investigation, factual data were obtained on the possible involvement of the former rector of the ShSU in crime events recorded at the university during this period, and also taking into account the volume of the case, the nature of the abuses that are the subject of evidence, the number of persons related in one way or another to the activities of the university, as well as the need to guarantee a comprehensive, full and objective investigation of the  criminal cases, upon the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General the criminal case was requested and sent to the RA Special Investigation Service with the instruction to continue the preliminary investigation.


Note: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.