09.07.2019 | WB and UN experts have discussed with the RA Prosecutor General issues of introduction of new institutional mechanisms for anti-corruption in Armenia

The RA  Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan today has  received  the experts from the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative which is a partnership between the World Bank Group and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. During the meeting, issues related to improving the effectiveness of the fight against corruption in Armenia, the introduction of institutional new legal mechanisms to search for and confiscate assets of illicit origin, money laundering, return assets illegally exported from the Republic, and enhance international cooperation in these areas have been discussed. The parties touched upon the possibilities of attracting the expert potential of the World Bank and the United Nations to improve the skills of criminal prosecution authorities.


The RA Prosecutor General noted that despite the successes in the fight against corruption recorded last year, the current legal regulations currently create certain barriers especially for confiscating illegally acquired property and returning assets illegally exported from the country.


To this end, as he pointed out, with the active participation of the Prosecutor General's Office, draft laws were drafted, the adoption of which would significantly increase the productivity of the fight against corruption. The legislative initiative will also allow the return of stolen property to the country, and restore social justice. In this case, he noted the importance of enhancing international cooperation, the availability of information systems and targeted training of the human resources involved in the process.


Artur Davtyan noted the importance of enhancing international cooperation, the availability of a comprehensive information base, the modernization of technological, methodological and professional resources for the examination of corruption and targeted training for operational intelligence agencies, investigators, prosecutors and judges involved in the investigation of corruption crimes.


The WB and UN experts have attached importance to the tasks that were presented by the Prosecutor  General as priorities.