08.07.2019 | A decrease of home burglaries has been recorded in Shirak region

As part of the intensification of the fight against home burglaries in the Shirak region the prosecutor of the region has  sent a letter to the governor and the head of the Shirak regional police department,  , then a meeting has been held in March at the initiative of the prosecutor’s office of the region.


As a result, measures have been  taken to ensure the safety of property of the residents of the region, adjacent territories and their entrances with cameras, as well as the doors of these buildings with special code valves and in areas where there are many private houses, it was decided to strengthen the patrol service. After the planned activities, as well as assignments, in the second quarter of 2019, i.e.  from April 1 to July 1, at intersections, squares, in entertainment centers, on the roads and in other places 127 video cameras have been  installed.


As a result, a comparative observation of home burglaries  in the first and second quarters of this year shows that a sharp positive shift has been  recorded. In particular, if earlier there were 35 cases registered in the first quarter, then in the second quarter it was 23 or 40% less. Works in this area are continuing.